New Industry 4.0 program from Endress+Hauser raises digitalization projects to a new level

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#empowerthefield, the Industry 4.0 program from Endress+Hauser, raises digitalization projects to a new level.Image courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Plant downtime and unplanned maintenance activities are major challenges in the chemical industry. Connecting field instruments unleashes enormous potential to improve plant performance. #empowerthefield, the Industry 4.0 program from Endress+Hauser, raises digitalization projects to a new level.

“As a technology leader in plant and process automation with seven decades of experience, we work together with our customers and technology partners to tap into the new value chain opportunities that Industry 4.0 affords,” said Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Endress+Hauser Group. “We help customers utilize their process and instrument data in order to improve the availability, reliability, and efficiency of their plants.”

Path to Digitalization for Plant Operators

Intelligent measurement instruments collect considerable amounts of data at the field level. Nevertheless, 97% of this information remains unused, although it serves as the raw data for Industry 4.0.

#empowerthefield ensures that plant operators can exploit the potential of this data. The Netilion cloud-based ecosystem provides a simple way for operators to initiate their digitalization projects. Field-proven solutions packages create a digital twin of the installed base and make it remotely available. Users monitor the condition of the instruments with Netilion, making predictive maintenance possible, thus leading to process optimization, increased plant availability, and reduced costs.

From Lab to Process

Endress+Hauser offers new optical methods for the inline measurement of quality parameters. “In the future, we want to be able to support our customers along the entire chain, from R&D and product and process development to production and quality control,” explained Altendorf.

With the new optical analysis instruments, the same instruments and technologies can be employed from the lab to process, thus providing comparable measurement values.

Based on Raman spectroscopy, the laser analysis technology from Endress+Hauser supplies precise analysis data in real time regarding the chemical composition of the media. The Raman analysis instruments and probes for the chemical and life sciences industries are optimized for solids, liquids, and gases. A global network of highly qualified service technicians is responsible for the maintenance, technical support, and performance optimization of the Raman analysis systems.

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Measurements

Intelligent sensors that carry out self-monitoring around the clock – this is what Heartbeat Technology, the diagnostic and verification concept from Endress+Hauser, has to offer. Integrated diagnostic, verification, and monitoring functions supply comprehensive sensor and process data, enabling standardized diagnostic notifications with clear instructions on what measures to take. As a result, predictive maintenance is possible with little effort. Thanks to Heartbeat Technology, plant operators can drive their maintenance costs down to a minimum.

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