Solution helps to speed up the time-to-market and improve product quality

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January 19, 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working more widespread in organizations and accelerated their digital transition. This has made many companies in the cosmetics and food industries realize that their workflows were not responsive enough in a remote working environment.

In the FMCG industries, companies have to manage several databases in which customer requests, product information, and regulatory requirements are recorded.

As this data is scattered across multiple files or software that are not always up to date, communication problems between teams and the diffusion of responsibilities impact on product lifecycle management.

With its PLM (product lifecycle management) software, beCPG aims to help companies in the cosmetics and food industries to meet the challenges of remote working and product development.

Already adopted by more than 80 customers, including Valrhona, Bridor, Upfield, Juva Santé, Boncolac, Europe Snacks, and Snellman, this comprehensive and ergonomic solution helps to speed up the time-to-market and improve product quality. It is aimed at the product development departments (R&D, quality, regulatory, marketing, etc.) of manufacturers and distributors.

Ergonomic, Turnkey Software Manages Product Lifecycle

beCPG is an open source software designed to manage the product lifecycle, from specification to end of life. It is intended for the consumer goods industry and is well suited to the current issues of the food and cosmetics industries. It can be used immediately: it is configurable and customizable and can be adapted to various company and industry profiles.

Advantages of beCPG

beCPG is a comprehensive, accessible, and ergonomic tool. Using it offers a number of advantages:

* Accelerated product innovation and renewal

* Compliance with customer specifications and regulations

* Reliability of product data and keeping the product portfolio up to date

* Savings in time and performance by automating repetitive tasks

* Ability to work in teams on projects involving customers and suppliers

* Improvement of the track record to capitalize on product developments

Features of beCPG

The beCPG software offers the following features:

* A product repository to manage finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, packaging and its features, marketing, and regulatory data

* Document management to manage supplier documents, photos, marketing documents, proofs, technical sheets, certificates, etc.

* Formulation to develop new products and calculate allergens, ingredients, nutrients, nutri-score, costs, claims, eco-score

* Report generation to create product data sheets (customer, production and R&D) and product information packages (PIP)

* Project management to drive the development of new products from idea generation to market launch

* A supplier portal for collaboration with suppliers

* A quality module to manage control plans, quality controls, aging tests, and customer complaints

* REST API and connectors to exchange data with other software such as ERP, CRM, GS1 portals

What's New in Version 3.2

In developing version 3.2 of its software, launched in early 2021, beCPG has taken into account feedback from its customers. The software has been revisited to better respond to the new challenges of remote working and to facilitate collaborative work:

* New theme. The software has a new theme and a new graphic charter, created in collaboration with the design agency Maogani.

* Tasks. A new "tasks" view is now available in the project tracker, making it easier to view, filter, and sort tasks, for example to display tasks assigned to a team or to filter tasks by due date or delay. The schedule tracking is also improved.

* Management of regulations. Also simplified, with the option to set guidelines within the formulation to limit an ingredient or nutrient for a product category. The improved labelling allows for new rules to be managed, to be compatible with more than 50 regulations, including those of China, the US, Canada, and Brazil.

* Ecoscore and eco-packaging tax. beCPG monitors market trends and consumer expectations. The Ecoscore and the eco-packaging tax are now calculated in the solution.

* New REST APIs and connectors to facilitate integration with other software

Going Forward

In the future, beCPG is aiming for growth in France and abroad in the FMCG industries, and to continue to develop its solution according to the demands of its customers and regulatory changes.

About the Co-Founders

Philippe Quéré and Matthieu Laborie are engineering graduates from ESSTIN in Nancy. Quéré has worked for over 15 years in PLM, mainly in the food and consumer goods industries. He spent five years at Lascom, where he was PLM solution architect. He specializes in the implementation of product reference systems and formulation tools and has solid experience in the innovation process for new product development (NPD). Laborie worked for six years at Linagora as a J2EE architect/developer. He is an expert on Alfresco and Liferay open source content management software and regularly provides training and consulting services.

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