BinMaster Introduces Compact Vibrating Rod for Small Bins

June 13, 2014

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BinMaster Introduces Compact Vibrating Rod for Small Bins
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BinMaster introduces the new CVR-625 mini vibrating rod, a compact point level control designed for use in small bins and hoppers where other level sensors will not fit. The new version features an updated design that allows for the detection of light materials with a bulk density as low as two. The rod can be used for measuring plastics, food, seed, chemicals, and other pellets or dry granular solid materials.

The signal from the electronic circuit of the CVR-624 excites the single rod of the instrument to vibrate on its resonance frequency of approximately 460 Hz. When material covers the rod of the probe, the vibration stops. This is sensed by the electronic circuitry that forces its output relay to switch. When the blade becomes uncovered, the vibration will restart and the relay will switch back. Due to its vibrating technology, the mini vibrating rod is able to overcome the difficulties associated with changes in dielectric constant, humidity, temperature, and material density, and eliminates the problem of false signaling due to material wedging and buildup associated with 'tuning fork' type probes.
The mini vibrating rod has a variety of features to ensure accurate monitoring and convenience. The rod is wear and maintenance free and features a self-cleaning sensor. It is easy to install and does not require calibration. The rod features three sensitivity adjustments and is high- and low-level fail-safe. It is able to be mounted both on the top or side of a bin, with 1 ¼-ft NPT, and has a maximum pressure of 145 psi. It features a relay of SPDT 5A 250 VAC and an input voltage range of 20 to 250V AC/DC. Remote electronics are also available to make monitoring easier. The rod also has an overall installation length of 6 ft and is able to work in temperatures of up to 300°F.

BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 800-278-4241

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