#PowderJams: “Keep Your Powder Dry” by The Rasters

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“Keep your powder dry” is an expression often attributed to British military officer and politician Oliver Cromwell, who supposedly told his troops to “Trust in god and keep your powder dry” before the start of a campaign in Ireland in the mid 1600s. The phrase has long been associated with gunpowder – you need to keep your gunpowder dry to be able to fire weapons when needed – but over the centuries its meaning has changed to remaining cautious and being prepared to act at a crucial moment.

Former US President Bill Clinton notably uttered the phrase during a 1997 news conference, telling reporters that Republican and Democratic senators and representatives, “are keeping their powder dry enough to create the possibility we can reach a balanced budget agreement.”

Released by Amsterdam-based STUB Records in 2019, “Keep Your Powder Dry” by The Rasters pays homage to this saying. While not directly related to the powder and bulk solids industry, this tune offers an opportunity to look at the history of this Cromwellian term. 

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