Fike Now Offers Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems with Dupont FMm-200

July 17, 2008

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Fike Now Offers Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems with Dupont FMm-200

Fike has announced that its global clean agent fire suppression system offering will include the use of DuPont FM-200 clean agent, beginning August 15, 2008.

The use of FM-200 (ASHRAE name HFC-227ea) will not require engineering changes to Fike’s product offering, nor will it require any technical or installation changes for Fike’s distributors. FM-200 has identical performance characteristics as FE-227 (ASHRAE name HFC-227ea) that Fike previously offered. After August 15, all Fike HFC-227ea systems globally will be marketed, manufactured, and delivered using the FM-200 brand. The systems with FM-200 will continue to meet UL and FM approvals as before.

“Fike provides our customers the highest quality fire suppression systems, which include clean agent, hardware, detection and controls, and services,” says Jeff Moore, Fike’s vice president of sales and marketing. “FM-200 is a high-performance clean agent that is well known by engineers, regulating authorities, and building owners worldwide.”

“FM-200 has been used successfully around the world for many years, and is one of the most recognized brands for chemical clean agents,” says Ken Blanchard, global product manager, DuPont Fire Extinguishants. “Because of its proven performance and low environmental impact, we believe FM-200 will continue to be the world’s premier fixed system fire suppressant for many years. We are pleased that Fike is now using the FM-200 brand and we look forward to helping Fike and their distributors effectively market this product.”

In addition to FM-200, Fike will continue to offer its ECARO-25 fire suppression systems globally, which use the DuPont FE-25 agent.

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