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December 13, 2019

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Weigh Feeder Controller
Thayer Scale's S52c loss-in-weight weigh feeder controller installed on material test center equipment

Available as either a weigh feeder controller or a loss-in-weight controller, the S52c is a full-featured loss-in-weight instrument in a single, compact package. The S52c menus and procedures are easy to understand, written in plain English, rather than difficult to read and interpret codes.

The instrument can be used on most belt conveyor and loss-in-weight weighing systems to provide continuous control and information about the flow of material to its process by monitoring load and speed. The weigh system may use a strain gauge or an LVDT load cell to sense weight.

Sensors are used to measure the speed of either a belt, screw, rotary feeder, or vibratory feeder. The S52c uses this speed information with the instantaneous loading to calculate material flow rate and accumulative weight total information. In loss-in-weight applications the instrument monitors density and automatically switches to volumetric control, during refill and disturbance events. In combination, this information is processed by the controller portion of the instrument to provide continuous control of the system to match a target flow rate or setpoint. All information gathered by the system is then presented both visually on the instrument’s face and through optional communications via several field buses.

Features of the weigh feeder controller:

* Up/down arrows, adjust setpoint, and menu navigation
* Function keys with display labels for variable functions
* More arrow key, extends function keys, and display labels
* Calibration key to select function calibration mode
* Silence key to silence audible alarm
* Menu key, enter top menu screen with actions
* Escape key to cancel function without changing operating mode
* Acknowledge key to confirm operating conditions and hide alarms
* Left/right arrows to manually adjust motor speed and menu navigation in belt controller applications

Thayer Scale, Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101 www.thayerscale.com

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