Solids Handling Equipment Aids Pyrolysis Project

February 4, 2016

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Solids Handling Equipment Aids Pyrolysis Project
Ajax Equipment is supplying Recycling Technologies with waste handling equipment.

Solids handling specialist Ajax Equipment is supplying hydrocarbon reclamation firm Recycling Technologies with waste handling equipment for the company’s waste-to-resource pyrolysis system.

Ajax will provide a combined screw feeder and elevator, an agitated screw feeder with a plug screw, and a hopper. Recycling Technologies’ process uses a fluidized bed pyrolysis system to breakdown mixed plastic waste to produce heavy fuel oil that can be resold into the hydrocarbons market.
Waste material held in the Ajax hopper is transferred into the pyrolysis chamber using a plug screw feeder. A plug is required as the pyrolysis process creates gases that react with oxygen to form unwanted by-products. The stainless steel screw elevator recycles sand from the fluidized bed back into the pyrolysis process.  

“Ajax’s plug screw technology is well matched for pyrolysis, as it allows continuous production and prevents by-products forming,” said Matt Green, Recycling Technologies. “Ajax has worked on several pyrolysis projects giving them valuable insight on solids handling for pyrolysis, making them the ideal supplier for Recycling Technologies”.

Materials Testing
To determine the requirements of the waste handling equipment Ajax carried out tests on multiple materials representing the likely variation. Bulk waste materials can vary in their size, therefore, it is recommended that tests are carried out using material from the same source that will be used. If alternative materials are used the performance of the equipment may alter, affecting the quality of the whole process.   

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