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Schenck Process Introduces ProFlex C100 Feeder

October 21, 2019

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Schenck Process Introduces ProFlex C100 Feeder
Schenck Process ProFlex C100 feeder

The new ProFlex C100 is the smallest of the ProFlex C family and fits on small extrudes. It is lightweight and up to five feeders can be grouped around an inlet of a lab or small size extruder.

A quick-change hopper option in the ProFlex line offers fast and clean changeover without disassembling of the feed screw. By keeping several hoppers and the screw in stock, a wide range of additives and color pigments can be provided for in a highly flexible manner.

Other benefits include:

  • The asymmetric design prevents bridging and plugging of sticky material.

  • The ProFlex C100 is equipped with an integrated gearbox for turndown ratios of up to 1:120.

  • Flexible wall liner massaged at eight points, which allows a constant and accurate filling of the screw feed element.

  • It is NEMA drive ready for compounding and masterbatch, which is crucial for the U.S. market.

The ProFlex C feeding system is used for the continuous feeding of bulk materials such as powder, granulates, pellets, and fibers. An optimized design, flexible hopper walls, and flexible installation options make the ProFlex C a tailored solution for the compound and masterbatch industries.

Schenck Process, Kansas City, MO 816-891-9300 www.schenckprocess.com/us

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