New Automatic Volumetric Screw Feeder Unveiled

January 16, 2018

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New Automatic Volumetric Screw Feeder Unveiled
Scaletron Model VMF-90A volumetric screw feeder

The new Model VMF-90A volumetric screw feeder is designed for automated additive dosing in water and chemical treatment processes. The new feeder retains the functionality and user-friendly features of the VMF-28 feeder, but has been re-engineered for cost-savings and versatility.

Ed Dougherty, Scaletron president, said the new VMF-90A feeder was developed in response to market demands for a highly functional, yet affordable, volumetric feeding device. He said that was done by changing many of the previous model’s standard features into optional add-ons. “We were able to offer the VMF-90A at an attractive price point by eliminating several features which had convenience value but didn’t effect function,” said Dougherty. “For example, the steel base framework and the bag holder – both standard on the VMF-28 – have been removed to reduce cost.”

Dougherty further explained that besides enabling more attractive pricing, removing features like the mounting stand makes the VMF-90A feeder more flexible in terms of where it can be installed. He said, “The VMF-90A feeder is a compact unit that readily fits into confined workspaces where the previous model could not be used. So integrating the VMF-90A into existing feeder systems typically requires little to no redesigning, even when presented with limited installation space.”

For feeding dry powdered or pelletized materials, the VMF-90A feeder achieves feed rates of up to 10.19 cu ft/hr. The Scaletron unit uses gravimetric feeding enhanced with a built-in mechanical, cam-actuated hopper agitator. The agitator continually conditions the material being added to promote uniform flow, a feature that is particularly useful when working with materials than tend to clump. If additional agitation is needed, Scaletron can add on an external vibrator.

Scaletron offers an optional “loss in weight" weighing system for applications where enhanced precision is required. This option comprises an integrated precision scale utilizing four load cells and a Model 1020-B digital scale controller. Scale accuracy is to within 1% of volume and 0.25% of weight. With this option, weight loss or gain is monitored in real time. Changes to an additive’s mass due to heat, moisture, and other environmental variables, are detected and accounted for when metering and dispensing begins. Precise dosage amounts are then automatically adjusted to improve the accuracy of the feeding process.

Scaletron Industries Ltd, Plumsteadville, PA 215-766-2670

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