June 18, 2019

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Gravimetric Control Feeder
Eastern Instruments CentriFeeder MCV

The CentriFeeder MCV is a gravimetric control device that controls the flow measurement and total of any dry granular product. It works by integrating the flow measurement accuracy of the CentriFlow meter with the flow controlling capabilities of an integrated slide gate. Combined into a single, multifunctioning weigh feeder, the MCV both measures the flow rate and total of the product that runs through it, but also controls the flow rate and total to a predetermined setpoint. Because the CentriFeeder MCV is able to respond to changes in flow rate within 100 ms and can typically be within +/-1.00% of the flow set-point within one second, it offers an alternative to conventional loss-in-weight feeders. The result is an accurate way to measure and control the flow of any granular product such as pellets, grains, fertilizers, and more.
Eastern Instruments, Wilmington, NC 910-392-2490 easterninstruments.com

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