Feeders Focus - September 2010

September 14, 2010

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Feeders Focus - September 2010

u2907_102299.jpgAir-Powered  Vibratory Feeders
The CF-A Series of light duty, air-powered vibratory feeders are built for the flow control of solid bulk materials in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical environments, including hazardous areas containing combustible dust or vapor. The new CF-A-642-300 features all stainless steel construction with a rigid satin tray finish that is ideal for food contact surfaces. Features include tray dimensions at 6 in. wide by 4 in. deep by 42 in. long, tray slope adjustment from 0 degrees to 10 degrees uphill, and a base support with an 11-in. discharge height. Operation for capacities of 1000 lb/hr at 0 degrees is derived from the power and efficiency of the product’s single coated air cushioned piston vibrator.  Cleveland Vibrator Co., Cleveland, OH 216-241-7157 www.clevelandvibrator.com


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Volumetric  Screw Feeders
Rite – Rate volumetric screw feeders have a minimum residue ‘U’ trough with independently driven agitator blades. The feed screw and feed tube are easily removed for easy access to internals for cleaning. The feeders come standard with variable speed drive packages and controls and can be easily integrated with other equipment such as IBC systems and bulk bag discharge stations. Discharge rates up to 240 cu ft/hr are possible. Carolina Conveying Inc., Canton, NC 828-235-1005 www.carolinaconveying.com

u28f9_102301.jpgVolumetric/Gravimetric Feeders
Precise and efficient feeding is achieved through a programmable logic controller (PLC). The PLC is designed specifically to meet customers’ unique processes, which can include varying batches, multiple feeders, and other requirements. Complex processes are streamlined with pre-programmed routines, reducing operator time and risk of error in calculating batch needs. The PosiPortion feeder can be configured for volumetric or gravimetric delivery of dry bulk materials. The feeder utilizes mechanically actuated paddles to assure optimum product inflow crucial to consistent, repeatable feed screw performance. This method not only prevents the formation of stable arches over the feed screw but also prevents degradation of friable product and segregation of blended product. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI  800-427-6260 www.hapman.com


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Vibrating Feeders
The new S-Series vibratory feeders are ideal for handling a wide range of light-duty free-flowing products, including foods, ingredients, and chemicals. Pre-engineered sizes allow quick and easy selection and delivery. The simple design includes an energy-saving, low horsepower motorized vibratory drive and easy-to-maintain FRP leaf springs. Units can be base mounted or suspended overhead for simple integration into existing processes. General Kinematics Corp., Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-3222 www.gkprocess.com

u291a_102302.jpgBulk Solids Pump Feeders
The patented Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) feeder line was specifically designed and engineered to provide gentle, precise feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes, and friable materials. BSP feeders do not use screws/augers, belts, or vibratory trays to convey materials. They utilize a principal known as “lock up” to provide true positive displacement action and feeds free flowing material with astounding accuracy. They offer uniform discharge, consistent true linear volumetric flow, and gentle handling. BSP feeders have vertical rotating discs that create the product “lock-up” zone, conveying the material smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet, producing excellent linearity and repeatability.  K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Feeders, Pitman, NJ 856-256-3265 www.ktronprocessgroup.com


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Abrasion-Resistant Ceramic Feeder
Lined with a thick ceramic coating that is designed to resist the most abrasive materials, this abrasion-resistant ceramic feeder offers heavy-duty design and construction. Features include: longer life; .100-in-thick ceramic bore; Tungsten carbide throat protection; heavy-duty fabricated 8-vane rotor; Tungsten carbide rotor vane and shroud tips, .100-in. thick; air purge seal connections; air gap between seals and bearings; outboard sealed ball bearings; maximum operating temperature of 350°F. Abrasive applications include fly ash, gold ore, rutile ore, sand, feldspar, alumina, kaolin clay, raw limestone, lignite, cement, diatomaceous earth, and copper concentrate. FLSmidth Inc., Bethlehem, PA 800-523-9482 www.flsmidth.com

u2a57_102312.jpgVolumetric & Loss-in-Weight Feeders
These feeders have integral hoppers with capacities from 70-700-l capacities. Available in screw type or vibratory discharge, the feeders offer a range of flow rates and come complete with hinged cover, expanded metal trash screen, removable screw tube, floor standing support frame, TEFC motor drive with gear/chain reduction. Options include mechanical bin agitation for material with difficult flow characteristics.  APEC, Lake Odessa, MI 616-374-1000 www.apecusa.com


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Vibratory Feeder
The AccuFeed vibratory feeder uses molded composite components and a modular design to reduce cost and delivery time. Available in capacities up to 600 cu ft/hr, the patented feeder employs controlled vibration to achieve volumetric accuracies of ± 1-2%. The machine disassembles quickly for cleaning and meets FDA and USDA sanitary requirements. It can be scale mounted for batch or continuous weigh feeding applications. The feeder offers versatility in hopper selection, adapts easily to a wide variety of storage/discharge systems, and affords easy cleaning between material changes. Popular sizes are stocked for immediate delivery. Vibra Screw Inc., Totowa,  NJ 973-256-7410  www.vibrascrew.com

u2a47_102307.jpgRotary Feeders
These rotary feeders have heavier barrels and can be rebuilt 1-3 times before needing replacement. They are manufactured in the U.S. in sizes up to 45 x 55 in., with larger sizes custom made. The rotor blades are hard surfaced and tipped to give extended life, and the barrel material can be manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel, or alloy steel up to 500 Brinell for harsh applications. The feeders can be furnished with an optional injector tee and mounting stand for pneumatically conveyed applications using a check valve. The company offers a trade-in allowance for used feeders when they are replaced with a new rotary feeder. Precision Machine & Manufacturing Inc., Eugene, OR 800-722-984 www.premach.com


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Volumetric Feeder
The Model 170-MI-5 volumetric feeder was designed to accurately meter a wide range of dry solid ingredients at feed rates as low as 0.0012 cu ft/hr. Designed with quick-disconnect features throughout, the entire feeder can be disassembled/reassembled in just minutes without the need for any tools. The unit is designed for total product cleanout and is ideal for those applications where frequent product changeover is a requirement. Acrison Inc., Moonachie, NJ 201-440-8300 www.acrison.com

u2a39_102317.jpgHeavy-Duty Vibratory Feeders
BEST vibratory feeders are designed to smoothly convey products. Flow of material is adjustable and flow rate can be variable or fixed. Available in electric- or air-operated models, the heavy-duty vibratory feeders are designed with above-, below-, or side-mounted drives and can be arranged for base mounting or overhead suspension. The feeders come in custom vibrating trough lengths with special trough designs available. Several basic models are available including air-operated light-duty, air-operated heavy-duty, twin-motor vibrating pan and grizzly feeders, electromagnetic, twin motor, and special application feeders. Metso, Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237 www.bestvibes.com


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Screw Feeders
A variety of solutions are available to regulate the rate of material flow from a hopper or bin including uniform diameter screws, tapering diameter screws, variable diameter or variable pitch screws, cone screw feeders, live bottom bins, etc. For fine free-flowing materials uniform diameter screws are offered, or for material with lumps and dead space in flow, tapering diameter or variable pitch screws can be used. If a material tends to pack or bridge under pressure, bins with live bottoms and multiple screw feeders could be the answer. Components such as shrouded or curved cover plates are also available. Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc., Arlington, TX 817-258-3000 www.martinsprocket.com

102314.tifGravimetric Feeder
The Dos-Weigh feeder is a gravimetric loss-in-weight or gain-in-weight system designed for handling and weighing fine powders. It solves problems that occur when handling fine cohesive powders, like TIO2. This includes no flow, flooding, rat holing, limited discharge rate, and product separation. Unlike other gravimetric feeders that use brute force to make fine materials flow, this feeder uses energy-efficient TransFlow technology. This technology conditions fine powders with a layer of air making it easy for materials to flow and eliminates the high maintenance cost of the high horsepower motorized drives. The unit provides weighing accuracy of +/- .02 to .05%, high turndown rate for high weighing accuracies, longer length discharge (up to 48 in. long), only one moving part in the product zone, low-energy usage, easy to disassemble for cleaning, precise weighing of cohesive and abrasive products. Young Industries Inc., Muncy, PA 17756, 570-546-3165 www.younginds.com


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Vibrating Feeder/Scalper
These virtually maintenance-free vibrating feeders and conveyors are suited for screening/scalping applications where more conventional belt and screw conveyors won’t work. This feeder spreads sticky product and scalps oversize from undersize prior to crushing. Self-relieving tapered fingers won’t blind. Other applications include distribution, flow splitting, quenching, mixing, bag flattening, dewatering, washing, coating, de-dusting, cooling, drying, sorting, and inspection. Designs are available for impact loading and operation in corrosive atmospheres. Carman Industries Inc., Jeffersonville, IN 800-456-7560 www.carmanindustries.com

102316.tifContinuous Weigh Feeders
Better-Weigh continuous feeders are used for gravimetric feeding of dry bulk materials where it is necessary to determine actual feed rates on a loss-of-weight basis. Available in seven models with feed rates from 1 to 550 cu ft/hr (larger sizes available), these feeders are designed to provide feeding in either batch or continuous mode depending upon the arrangement of their control electronics. In batch mode, the batch controller is used to control the fast (bulk) and slow (dribble) speeds of the feeder. Accuracies of + 0.5% can be easily achieved in 2-lb or less batches, and + 0.25% with 3-lb or greater batches with time spans of 30 to 90 seconds. In continuous mode, the electronic controller is used to constantly monitor loss of weight of material per time in order to maintain a continuous loss of weight with an accuracy of + 0.25% to 0.50%. Standard features include a platform or lever balance scale, sealed tactile keyboard, 7-digit numerical keyboard, automatic manual batching, and 2- or 5-cu-ft hopper. Sanitary construction is also available. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999 www.metalfabinc.com

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