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Custom Vibratory Feeder Handles 2,000 Pre-Roll Cone Joints Per Hour

Electromagnetic vibratory feeder serves as a critical component in a novel automated pre-roll cannabis system

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A custom Eriez 6C electromagnetic vibratory feeder serves as a critical component in a novel automated pre-roll cannabis system that handles up to 2,000 pre-roll cone joints per hour, streamlines the process, and maintains consistent output. 

Developed by Accelerant Manufacturing and Cutting Edge Automation, the automated cannabis system is a breakthrough in the burgeoning cannabis industry. According to Eric Confer, Eriez light industry market manager, “Pre-rolls are hard to manufacture. A pre-roll is up to 80 times as valuable as the cannabis itself. Every gram is costly. Labor is difficult and weight inaccuracy is common. Our 6C feeder fits this application and eliminates waste. Cycle times that were 30-40 seconds prior to installation are now five seconds.”  

This light-capacity feeder is ideally suited for this demanding operation where small quantities of cannabis are required and consistent shape and uniform density is crucial. The 6C electromagnetic feeder features a stainless steel tray and vibratory feeder drive to withstand dusty and wet environments. When paired with the Unicon solid-state feeder control, high feed rate control and remote operation is achievable.  

Eriez, Erie, PA 814-835-6000 www.eriez.com

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