Continuous Manufacturing Modules for Solid Oral Doses

October 21, 2016

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Continuous Manufacturing Modules for Solid Oral Doses

Gericke continuous manufacturing modules combine high-precision loss-in-weight feeders with a compact mixer and integrated PAT solutions to meet today’s “lean manufacturing” challenges for solid dose pharmaceuticals.

The feeders and mixers meet GMP design requirements for swift and easy cleaning. All parts with product contact can be removed quickly for cleaning by a single operator. Material and FDA certificates are available upon request.

The feeding-mixing modules are easy to integrate into an existing process to supply mixtures from 11–2205 lb/hr) for applications including direct compression of API and up to five excipients, dry and wet granulation, hot-melt extrusion, and sachet and capsule filling. Gericke gravimetric twin-screw feeders use a unique weighing algorithm to provide high feeding accuracy and constancy (usually below ± 0.5%) and can be supplied as standalone machines. The company’s mixers offer the optimal combination of radial and axial mixing (dispersion), as well as easy adjustment to vary products, recipes, and capacities.

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