Bulk Spiralfeeder Fits Limited Access Area

May 31, 2018

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Bulk Spiralfeeder Fits Limited Access Area
Model FTH-50 portable frame conveying system

Designed for limited access areas where traditional bulk bag unloaders will not fit, the Model FTH-50 portable frame conveying system utilizes an all in one design.

Forklift channel framework for system mobility, a 50-cu-ft storage hopper with cover, and integrated flexible screw conveyor with drive support are just some of its features.

The 50-cu-ft-hopper is filled outside of the area and transported to its final destination by means of the forklift channels at the bottom of the base.

The flexible screw conveyor allows for smooth, efficient, dust-tight, continuous operation, while discharging product to downstream processes. Equipped with a 4.5-in. auger, this unit achieves material rates greater than 180 cu ft/hr. The unit is fully welded for dust-tight operation.

Typical materials include powders, flakes, and pellets. Available materials of construction are mild steel with an industrial coating or t-304/t-316 stainless steel. Sanitary finish is available.

Automated Flexible Conveyor Inc., Clifton, NJ 973-340-1695 www.afcspiralfeeder.com

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