March 4, 2019

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Brabender Unveils New Feeder Line
Brabender Technologie’s new DS pellet feeder line

Brabender Technologie’s new DS pellet feeder line is available in four sizes and is characterized by a simple design that concentrates on the essentials.

“Our main goal in launching this equipment is to reach out to compounders such as those specializing in films or textiles,” said Jürgen Knez, developer of the DS line. Pellets are typically a simple material and can be fed using spiral screws requiring no additional agitation. “When designing the new line, we therefore concentrated on creating a feeder featuring only a few easily accessible components, a design so simple and easy to handle.”

S Version for Continuous Operation
At the design stage Knez always focused on applications. That is why the DS is available in two versions. “We have developed two different versions for various customer applications: The S version for continuous operations involving one material and the E version for frequent product changeovers,” said Knez. The difference between them can be explained by the way the motor and screw are configured. On the DS-S, the standard version, both components are linked together. This is ideal for long-term feeding. For product changeovers and cleaning, both can only be removed together.

E Version for Frequent Product Changeovers
The enhanced DS-E version features a different design. “When a screw is being replaced or the device is being cleaned, the motor remains in place and is only shifted to allow the screw to be removed from the rear,” explained Knez. The slide gate and the tight pipe connection, which allow the hopper to be emptied completely, are also practical details that make bulk material changeovers and cleaning easier. The DS-E is therefore ideal for various pellet feeding processes that involve frequent product changeovers.

The entire DS line is typically equipped with an analog load cell. A digital load cell can also be installed if required. “This would be more expensive, but is feasible using the existing baseplate,” Knez confirms.

Smallest Member of the DS Family
The DS28, the smallest version of the new feeder line, features a somewhat different design. In this case the motor remains permanently installed however the entire hopper with screw can simply be removed as a unit at the front of the device once the quick-lock clamps have been released – without any leakage of material. “The feeder does not need to be emptied beforehand, because no material can follow through,” said Knez.

Brabender Technologie Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada 905-670-2933

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