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September 7, 2023

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Prodigy Processing Solutions introduces its flagship product, the ProX, representing a leap forward in extraction technology.

Founded by seasoned cannabis extraction entrepreneur Marc Beginin, Prodigy Processing Solutions strives to deliver high-quality extraction methods. The ProX is designed to allow for high processing speeds and user-friendly operation, incorporating several features, including:

  • Quality and safety: Constructed using only 316L pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, ProX ensures the highest operator and consumer safety standards, and is made in the US.

  • Cold operation: The ProX operates at recommended temperatures of -100˚F and is rated up to -300˚F, eliminating the need for winterization and streamlining the extraction process.

  • Versatile operation: Whether operated passively or actively, the ProX integrates seamlessly with Prodigy's proprietary GC 10000 reciprocating gas compressor, ensuring high operational flexibility to cater to diverse processing demands.

  • Peak throughput; With the ability to process over 100 lb of input material per hour, the ProX redefines industry standards for efficiency and throughput.

  • User-centric cesign

  • Recognizing the value of an intuitive user experience, the ProX boasts a short learning curve, allowing ease of operation and reduced downtime.

  • Advanced in-line CRC

  • The ProX integrates chromatography into its workflow, further enhancing the purity and quality of the extracts.

  • Certified and trusted

  • The ProX is certified for use across all 50 US states and is built Canadian CRN and EU-ready.

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