Video Showcases Equipment Used to Produce Skittles

Food Insider visited a Mars Wrigley Confectionery plant in Illinois to provide a view of how the popular candy is manufactured.

John S. Forrester, former Managing Editor

July 27, 2021

They are bright. They are shiny. They are delicious. Skittles are one of the most popular candy products sold in the United States. In this video created by Food Insider, viewers are taken inside a Mars Wrigley Confectionery plant in Yorkville, IL to provide a view of the production processes and equipment used to produce the chewy, colorful candies.

In the first part of Food Insider’s segment, we learn that Skittles were created in the 1960s and first manufactured in the UK before production moved to the facility in Illinois. Then viewers are taken to the production floor, where we see how the product’s taffy center is coated to form a shell. The various colors of Skittles are blended together and then the brand’s signature ‘S’ mark is printed onto each candy. Food Insider ends the video with shots of the plant’s packaging line.

For powder and bulk solids industry professionals, the video offers a look at the various types of equipment used to manufacture and package Skittles, from mechanical conveyors, blending equipment, and vibratory solutions.

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John S. Forrester

former Managing Editor, Powder & Bulk Solids

John S. Forrester is the former managing editor of Powder & Bulk Solids.

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