USDA Recalls: February 2024

Meat, egg, and poultry recalls for the month.

Kristen Kazarian, Managing Editor

March 1, 2024

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USDA Recalls for February 2024
February recalls are up from January.Image courtesy of Maren Caruso / Stone via Getty Images

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has recalled 7 products in January, and issued three public health alerts, which is up from four in January.  

Out of the 7 recalls, 3 were due to misbranding/unreported allergens, 1 for Listeria, 1 due to contamination by a non-food grade substance, 1 for possible under-processing; and 1 due to being imported without the benefit of reinspection.

The three public health alerts were due to misbranding/unreported allergens, Listeria, and possible foreign matter contamination.


Misbranding / Unreported Allergens

  • Vanee Foods, Broadview, IL, is recalling approximately 9,564 lb of chicken-flavored base product as it may actually contain beef base, which contains soy and wheat. Affected product includes: 1-lb plastic tubs “Sysco Classic Chicken Flavored Base,” lot code 02673 and packaged in a case with a label stating “Sysco Classic Beef Base CF” with lot code 02673.

  • Hormel Foods, Austin, MN, is recalling approximately 945 lb of ready-to-eat spiced deli ham due to possibly containing milk. The product is: 5-lb plastic casing or various weight packages sliced from a retail deli containing "Hormel Spiced Ham with Natural Juices" with lot code 051424 represented on the immediate packaging. The product is packaged in boxed cases labeled as "HML SPCD HAM-D SHAPE 9/5LB" with a case code 04472 and PREPARE/FRZ BY date of 05/14/24-07.

  • M&P Production LTD, Brooklyn, NY, is recalling approximately 669 lb of raw lamb and beef samsa. Affected product includes: 16 oz. plastic-wrapped tray packages containing “Samsa Halal” with Use by dates of 1/2/25 thru 2/22/25; 12-oz. plastic-wrapped tray packages containing ““M&P Delicacies Lamb Dumplings Samsa” with use before dates of 1/2/25 through 2/22/25.

Possible Listeria Contamination

  •  Don Novo & Son, Miami, FL is recalling approximately 9,330 lb of ready-to-eat meat products that may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes. Impacted recalled products included are listed here.

Imported Without Benefit of Reinspection

  • Macgregors Meat and Seafood Ltd, Woodbridge, Ontario, CAN, is recalling approximately 2,745 lb of frozen, ready-to-eat pork products because they were not presented for import reinspection in the US. Affected products are: 1.5-lb cartons containing “44th Street Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs Maplewood Smoked Sauce” with Julian dates 3453 and 0154, production date of 34531 with use by 2024 DE 10 and production date 0154 with use by 2025 JA 14; 1.5 lb. cartons containing “44th Street Glazed, Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs Honey Garlic Sauce” with Julian dates 1453 and 1593, production date 1453 with Use by 2024 MA 24 and production date 1593 with Use by 2024 JN 07.

Contamination by a Non-Food Grade Substance

  • MF Meats, Falconer, NY, is recalling approximately 93,277 lb of raw meat products that may have been contaminated with non-food grade mineral seal oil, which is not approved for use in meat processing. The impacted product includes: 10.4 lb box/32 pcs.  “Blade Tenderized Sirloin Ball Tip Steak Choice,“ with Julian dates of 330-365 (November 26 - December 31) and 1-47 (January 1 - February 16).

Possible Under Processing

  • Fratelli Beretta USA, a Mount Olive, NJ, is recalling an undetermined amount of ready-to-eat meat charcuterie products containing Coppa that may be under-processed, which may have resulted in possible contamination with foodborne pathogens. Under -processed foods can lead to Salmonella contamination. The company conducted a recall of charcuterie products on January 3, 2024, related to possible Salmonella contamination and FSIS issued a public health alert on January 18 related to additional charcuterie products. Impacted products are listed here and have various best by dates.

Health Alerts

Misbranding/Undeclared Allergens

  • Nurture Life’s Chicken Parm with Super Veggie Spaghetti meal products is under a public health alert due to the product’s spaghetti component containing egg white.

Possible Listeria Contamination

  • SK Food Group ready-to-eat poultry products containing FDA-regulated dairy products were issued a health alert due to the inclusion of milk. This is an update to an earlier health alert, with additional products possibly affected. The products are 10.53-oz. Individual wax paper packages containing "Amazon Kitchen, Chicken Chili Verde Burrito with Rice, Black Beans & Monterey Jack" with Best before Julian dates starting with 0764, 1394, 1385, and 2694. The product is packaged in boxed cases.

Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

  •  A public health alert was issued for Mama Vicky's frozen ready-to-eat (RTE) chicken pilaf that may be contaminated with foreign material, specifically rocks. The products are: 14-oz. plastic packages with "Trader Joe's Chicken, Lentil & Caramelized Onion Pilaf with Saffron Basmati Rice, Dark Chicken Meat, Dates & Golden Raisins."

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