New Sweetener Product Enables 30% Sugar Reduction Claim

The new fructose syrup can enable food and beverage manufacturers to lower the amount of sugar and calories in products by 30% or more.

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New Sweetener Product Enables 30% Sugar Reduction Claim

A new sweetener launched by Cargill is offering European food and beverage manufactures with a new label-friendly, reduced sugar option to achieve a 30% sugar and calorie reduction in beverages and other food products, the company announced this month.

“Soft drinks and sugar-laden foods have come under regulatory scrutiny, and with the establishment of various national sugar taxes, manufacturers are looking for simple, innovative solutions, without impacting without impacting the sweet taste consumers expect,” said Phillippe Chouvy, Cargill’s business development manager for sweeteners in Europe, in a release.

C TruSweet 01795, a 95% pure fructose syrup, can enable a 30% sugar and calorie reduction when used in place of sucrose, according to the American firm. The product's quick onset of sweetness is ideal for highlighting fruity flavors in beverages and food, including fruit preparation and fillings, ice creams, dairy and sports nutrition products.

“With Cargill’s already extensive nature-derived sweetener portfolio, from full- to no-calorie solutions, adding more simple solutions that enable sugar reduction to our portfolio enhances the offerings we can make to our customers in Europe,” Chouvy said. "Combined with our application, formulation, and technical expertise in beverages and food, we can now better support our customers’ needs, whether it’s reformulation or new product development projects.”

Further sugar and calorie reductions are possible when the product is combined with other sweeteners. C TruSweet 01795 can hit reduction targets of 65% if used with stevia.

A joint venture between Cargill and Royal DSM started commercial production of zero-calorie stevia sweetener at a $50 million fermentation plant in Blair, NE in November 2019, Powder & Bulk Solids reported. The 10,000-sq-ft site produces molecules like Reb M and Reb D that are used in the joint venture’s EverSweet sweetener product.

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