IFT Now Offers Food & Beverage Product Development Bootcamp

The announcement of the Bootcamp and Concierge Service was made at the IFT FIRST conference.

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IFT offering food and beverage product dev courses
IFT has announced two new platforms for extended learning in product development: a Product Development Bootcamp and a Concierge Service.Image courtesy of Prostock-Studio / iStock / Getty Images Plus

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), an organization advancing the science of food and its application across the global food system, has announced two product development platforms that address challenges, resource shortages, and learning gaps that exist in the product development process in the food and beverage industry.

The Product Development Bootcamp is designed to equip product developers with the skills and knowledge to be more efficient in overcoming challenges and bringing products to market.

Concierge Service supports food and beverage professionals who might be not able to conduct the critical research and other time-intensive activities necessary in the product development process.

“The product development process can be a long, arduous process. From the moment a product opportunity has been identified through the launch of that new or modified product, time is one of the most valuable resources a product developer has,” said Bryan Hitchcock, IFT chief science and technology officer . "That’s why IFT developed the Product Development Bootcamp, to teach and reinforce time-saving approaches that give product developers the right tools to efficiently overcome challenges to bring products to market safely and effectively."

IFT’s Product Development Bootcamp comprises a 10-module course that will better equip food and beverage professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in product development. The bootcamp is ideal for everyone from the product development novice to the product development veteran needing a refresher on the basics.

It offers insights, practical strategies, and real-world examples taught by top experts to accelerate and enhance product development. Upon course completion, learners will earn an IFT Product Development certificate and have year-round access to resources and tools to help them continue their product development journeys.

The second platform, Concierge Service, was launched earlier this year as part of a membership package, but due to a high level of interest from the industry as well as its potential to help food and beverage professionals innovate more effectively and efficiently, the Concierge Service was expanded as a resource for anyone.

“IFT’s Concierge Service is the research and development support service the food and beverage industry needs to boost efficiency, enhance productivity, accelerate innovation, and increase speed-to-market,” said Kate Dockins, IFT’s senior vice president of Membership Experiences.

Once determining the support needed, a company can purchase a block of time (10-hour minimum) and submit their requests to the IFT Technical Concierge when support is needed. The Technical Concierge then determines the resources needed to fulfill the request and work commences.

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