Gummi Bear Production Now in US for First Time

Haribo, the company that makes Gummi Bears candy, has opened its first facility in the US.

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Haribo America comes to the US
Haribo, world known for its gummi bears, has opened its first facility in the US. The Pleasant Prairie, WI, facility will focus on production of its Goldbears.Image courtesy of Haribo America

German confectionery company Haribo has begun gummi production at its first-ever North American manufacturing facility, located in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

The new, state-of-the-art factory was built to meet the growing demand by American consumers of the beloved gummi brand, which produces over 25 varieties of gummi treats for the US and more than 1,200 types globally.

Currently, the 500,000-sq.-ft facility is focused on producing Haribo's iconic Goldbears, with plans to expand production in the future. The facility currently employs nearly 200 people and produces hundreds of tons of Goldbears.

The Pleasant Prairie facility marks Haribo's 16th factory and supports the global company's production of over 160 million Goldbears every day. This is a multi-phase project and this first phase includes the production facility, an administrative building, and a warehouse. Future phases are in development and will include new technology, capacity, and hundreds of new employees. 

"I started my career with Haribo more than 20 years ago, and I'm so proud to be part of the team that made the dream of a US factory come true," said Hakan Zor, chief production officer, Haribo of America. "Our Associates worked tirelessly to ensure every step was taken with care, with the best quality equipment, technology and ingredients on the market. The Haribo brand has limitless potential and producing in the US is an exciting next chapter of our story."

Haribo chose Pleasant Prairie, WI, as its US location because of its shared values of quality, trust, and independence, coupled with the work ethic of the region and warm welcome from the community. The factory has already brought hundreds of career opportunities to the community, with hundreds more slated as the facility continues to expand over the next several years to diversify production.

"At Haribo we think in generations. We are in the US for the long-term and are honored to be part of the Pleasant Prairie community," said Wes Saber, chief financial officer, Haribo of America. "One of our core values is trust, and it was important for us to give back to the people of Pleasant Prairie who have welcomed us so warmly. We believe everyone deserves access to quality, affordable education so our partnerships reflect that. We're committed to creating learning and career opportunities that will drive economic development and wellness for Southeast Wisconsin."

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