GEAPS Releases New Intro Course to Grain Operations

Special pricing for the course is available for a limited time.

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GEAPS intro to grain operations new course
GEAPS’ Training and Education program has released the new Introduction to Grain Operations course, which is a tool to provide relevant, important information for those who are new to the grain industry.Image courtesy of GEAPS

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Training and Education program has released the new Introduction to Grain Operations course.

GEAPS members and Subject Matter Experts worked, developed and offered feedback on the course, which is a multimedia version of what was known as GEAPS 500, Introduction to Grain Operations. The course features professionally produced graphics, video examples, relevant photographs, 2D and 3D illustrations, animations, and interactive exercises.

This is not a basic PowerPoint with a voiceover. This course is a tool to provide relevant, important information for those who are new to the grain industry.

Stressing safety, the course focuses on how grain moves through a facility. It covers main elevator types; components and equipment; grain receiving procedures; sampling, testing, and grading; binning; housekeeping and maintenance; fumigation; outbound procedures; and other fundamental grain facility functions. 

“The Introduction to Grain Operations course is a comprehensive multimedia course designed to equip newcomers to the industry with essential insights to benefit professionals across diverse roles, said James Lenz, GEAPS’ director of Training and Education. “From grain elevator operators, other new employees, human resources personnel, administrative staff, sales professionals and beyond, this course provides a solid foundation of knowledge that enhances understanding and collaboration within the grain operations industry.”  

The course can be taken in one day or over a period of time, one module at a time. There are 10 modules, each covering important grain operations topics. All students should expect to spend less than 10 hours on the course and will have access for five weeks after registration. 

“It’s not like anything we’ve had before, and we’re not stopping here,” said Julia Kloehn, GEAPS’ interim executive director. “Our next production is a course that goes a bit deeper with management essentials for supervisors. We’re working with a great group of subject matter experts to bring it all together.”

GEAPS is offering special pricing. For a limited time, GEAPS members may purchase the course for just $195. Nonmembers still save and pay just $295. The regular price for this course will be $250 for members and $525 for nonmembers. 

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