FDA Food, Pet, & Drug Recall Update: January 2024

Here are the food & beverage, pet product, and drug/medical device recalls by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Kristen Kazarian, Managing Editor

February 7, 2024

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FDA recalls January 2024
Recalls for January numbered 18 for undeclared allergens in the food & beverage space.Image courtesy of grinvalds / iStock via Getty Images

There were 30 recalls by the US Food & Drug Administration in the month of January, including one expanded recall. This is a decrease since December, which had 36.

Of the 30, 21 were food and beverage products, 2 were pet products, and 7 were drug/medical devices.

Food & Beverage

In this sector, 18 products were recalled due to undeclared allergens or other ingredients:

  • Byrne Dairy Mighty Fine chocolate ice cream – undeclared peanuts

  • Golden Owl dried mango – undeclared sulfites

  • Utz Wavy Original Potato Chips – undeclared milk

  • Al Amir Fresh Foods Hummus Dip & Tzatziki Cucumber Yogurt – undeclared milk and sesame

  • Liang Sheng Dried Tangerine Plum – undeclared sulfites

  • Liang Sheng Dried Plum – undeclared sulfites

  • Whitley’s Peanut Factory Deluxe Nut Mix – undeclared peanuts, milk, soy, wheat, sesame

  • Hans Kissle No Brand Mexican Style Quinoa Salad – undeclared egg, soy

  • Big Island Candies Brownie Assortment – undeclared peanuts

  • Vandevi Asafoetida Yellow Powder in 50g, 100g, 200g, 550g, 1kG packages – may include undeclared wheat traces

  • ELV Alipotec Mexican Tejocte Root Supplement – contains yellow oleander

  • Dragonfly Jelly Handbag and Jelly Backpack containing Jelly Bars – contains konjac powder and may present choking hazard

  • Wegmans Outrageous Oat Cookies – undeclared wheat

  • Publix Deli Carolia-Style Mustard BBQ Sauce – undeclared fish

  • Benny T’s Vesta Dry Hot Sauces – undeclared wheat

  • Fat Choy Kee Dried Longan – undeclared sulfites

  • ToYou Snack Bars in variety of flavors – undeclared soy

  • Win Luck Trading Co. Tasty Snacks Dried Plums – undeclared sulfites

There was 1 product recalled due to potential Salmonella contamination:

  • Quaker Oats Co. Quaker Chewy Dipps Llama Rama Bars, Cap’n Crunch Cereal and Cereal Bars, and more. This is an expansion of a previous recall for Quaker granola bars, snacks, and cereal.

Two were recalled due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination:

  • Rizo Bros. California Creamery Aged Cojita Mexican Grating Cheese. Products include 344 cases of a small 8oz. puck shape wrapped in clear plastic marked with red and black lettering on the bottom noted as “Cotija, made with Grade A Milk” along with an ingredient description. Product includes “Sell By 05/12/24 Batch 4DW-23318.”

  • BrightFarms Spinach and Salad Kits, various. The products come in 4-oz clear plastic containers and Best By dates between 1/11/24 and 1/20/24 depending on the kit.

Pet Products

In this sector, one product was recalled due to potential Salmonella contamination:

  • 3-D Pet Products Parrot Food 4 lb. jar, UPC 719195135045, Lot # 102525G.

One additional product was recalled for the potential of both Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes:

  • Blue Ridge Beef Kitten Grind, Kitten Mix, Puppy Mix. Recall was updated to expand into all states that may have received the recalled product lot numbers. This recall includes all lot numbers and used by dates between N24 1114 to N24 1224 of their 2 lb log of Kitten Grind UPC 8 54298 00101 6; 2lb log of Kitten Mix UPC 8 54298 00143 6 and their 2lb log of Puppy Mix UPC 8 54298 00169 6.

Drugs & Medical Devices

There were 7 recalls in the drug & medical device category.

  • Neptune’s Fix Elixir, Extra Strength Elixir, Tablets – undeclared Tianeptine

  • Zendeti Dextroamphetamine sulfate tablets 30 mg – mislabeled package

  • Robitussin Honey CF Max Day Adult and Robitussin Honey CF Max Nighttime Adult Cough Syrups – Microbial contamination

  • Aligned Medical Solutions Convenience Kits Containing Saline – Device and Drug Safety, Potential Safety Concern. Product cannot be verified to have required sterility assurance level.

  • Kilitch Healthcare Ltd. Multiple Brands Lubricant Eye Drops & Multi-Symptom Eye Drops – Device and Drug Safety, Potential Safety Concern. This is an amended recall from Nov. 2023. These products were distributed nationwide to wholesalers, retailers, and via the product distributor, Velocity Pharma LLC.

  • Leiters, Compounding Health Vancomycin IV Bags, Phenylephrine IV Bags, and Fentanyl IV Bags – potential for super-potent drug.

  • Atrium Express Drains – Syringes provided with Express Drains could not be verified to be sterile.

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