Body Was Found in Train Car that Contained Corn

The train car was being delivered to a Tyson Foods plant.

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October 16, 2023

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Body found in train car full of corn
Workers had to retrieve the body from the top of the car.Image courtesy of gyn9038 / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Crews are investigating after a body was found in a train car carrying corn that was being delivered to the Tyson plant in Hempstead County, AR, near Fulton.

The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office said that around 4:20 a.m. on Monday, workers were unloading a train car filled with corn at the food manufacturer’s plant near Fulton when at some point, they spotted a human arm and called authorities.

After opening the top of the grain car, they discovered a human body wedged in the bottom of the empty car. They worked to retrieve the body through the bottom of the car but were unable to do so. Deputies eventually gained access through the top of the car and successfully retrieved the decomposed body of a man.

Railroad officials say the 100-car train dropped off beans in Mexico and then proceeded empty to Missouri where it was loaded with corn on October 14.

The train was then sent to Hope, where the Kiamichi railroad transported the train to the Tyson feed mill for unloading.

The body will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for identification and manner and cause of death.

Officials say there was no ID on the body.

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