Ardent Mills Launches Egg Replacement Powder, Ancient Grains Flour

The egg replacement includes just four ingredients.

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Ardent Mills egg replacement
Ardent Mills has come out with this, Ardent Mills Egg Replace, which replaces dried and liquid eggs.Image courtesy of Ardent Mills

Ardent Mills, a flour-milling and ingredient company, has just launched Ardent Mills Egg Replace and Ancient Grains Plus Baking Flour Blend. The company designed these products to enable its customers to capitalize on new market growth, meet evolving consumer preferences for quality ingredients and great taste, and help alleviate supply chain challenges.

"Ardent Mills is committed to delivering ingredients that bring value to the food life cycle, from production to consumption," said Angie Goldberg, chief growth officer at Ardent Mills. "Our latest products, Ardent Mills Egg Replace and Ancient Grains Plus Baking Flour Blend, underscore our commitment to being strategic partners with our customers by providing proactive solutions to industry challenges while simultaneously meeting consumer demand."

To help solve market need for egg alternatives, Ardent Mills developed the new egg replacement, a 1:1 replacement for dried and liquid whole eggs that can provide long-term cost efficiency and supply stability. It is composed of just four ingredients, including chickpea flour, and is designed for optimal taste, function, and ease of use in bakery applications. Additionally, it is gluten-free, vegan, and contains no major US food allergens.

According to Ardent Mills proprietary research data, consumer interest in protein as part of a daily diet continues to grow, but good taste remains a priority. The new Ancient Grains Plus Baking Flour Blend is  blended from whole-food ancient grains and chickpeas to provide more quality protein than traditional flours.

It was created to simplify baked goods innovations and reduce reliance on added protein ingredients while supporting finished-goods protein goals.The new flour blend has a mild flavor, the company said, and it can be easily incorporated into a variety of bakery applications. It is plant-based and gluten-free, and contains no major US food allergens.

The launch of Ardent Mills Egg Replace and Ancient Grains Plus Baking Flour Blend follows a series of recent company innovations, including BakeSafer Treatments, a food safety-oriented solution. 

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