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Ajax Continuous Mixer Used for Cereal Bar Production

The twin-screw mixer can be supplied with both paddle augers and ribbon augers.

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Customer using Ajax twin screw mixer for cereal bars
AJAX continuous mixers produce a high-quality mix because of the efficient multiple and progressive actions of paddles or ribbons.Image courtesy of Dannko / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Ajax Equipment, a aolids handling equipment specialist, has supplied a leading UK cereal bar and snack manufacturer with a stainless steel twin-screw mixer.

The mixer has been supplied with both paddle augers and ribbon augers to provide a variety of mixing options.

Ajax’s twin mixer features quick release couplings, making it easy to switch between auger types as well as removing the augers for cleaning. However, in this case it is possible to clean the augers in situ by filling the machine with water.

The continuous mixer also features heated screw shafts and casing. Heating the machine ensures the condition of the ingredients is maintained, which allows materials to be sufficiently mixed to consistently produce the high-quality product desired.

“Continuous mixers are ideal for producing a variety of food products including cereal bars and chocolate,” says Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment. “Ajax’s mixers provide the right balance between work input and maintaining the condition of ingredients such as puffed rice and oats when mixing with syrups and pastes.”

Ajax continuous mixers produce a high-quality mix because of the efficient multiple and progressive actions of paddles or ribbons. Homogeneity is quickly achieved and the reduced work input means low energy requirements. Particle attrition and damage to sensitive products are also minimised. Product transfer is concurrent with the mixing process so segregation and quality issues associated with intermediate storage and separate, sequential operations can be avoided.

Reduced handling and mix quality are built in, so the rejection of large quantities and inconsistencies that can arise from batch manufacture are prevented. Easy cleaning with the ability to both clean-in-place and quickly change over the mixing augers means that downtime is reduced and cross contamination avoided. AJAX ribbon and paddle flights gently mix and positively combine solids and liquids that differ in flow properties, size, density, or other tendency that might provoke segregation to deliver the correctly proportioned ingredient mix.

Ajax also makes feeders, hoppers, conveyors, and lump breakers.

For more information visit Ajax Equipment.

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