Ÿnsect Launches New Insect-Based Pet Food

The brand features premium ingredients that combine scientifically proven benefits with a low environmental impact.

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Ÿnsect, an insect processor for pet food, has launched Sprÿng, a new brand made with mealworms that is said to be neutral-tasting and odorless, and can be used in both wet and dry pet foods.Image courtesy of Vincent Scherer / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Ÿnsect, an insect ingredient processor based in France, has launched Sprÿng, its new B2B2C brand for the pet food market.

The brand features premium ingredients that combine scientifically proven benefits with a low environmental impact.

Sprÿng offers easy-to-incorporate, neutral-tasting, odorless and light brown ingredients, designed with the needs of pet food manufacturers in mind. The pet food is made with Molitor mealworms, the ingredients are natural, highly nutritional, and healthy, and can be used in both dry and wet pet food production. The ingredients boast the highest protein content in the insect market (up to 71%), low ash content (less than 5%), and linolenic acids, the company said in a press release.

Ÿnsect's mission is to revolutionize the food system, for humans and pets. It comes on the heels of the company's recent announcement to reaffirm the pet food market as one of the pillars of its short-term development strategy and with the opening of ŸnFarm, a vertical farm preparing to make its first deliveries in 2023.

Roughly one-third of ingredients produced in Amiens will supply pet nutrition and aquaculture feed manufacturers, while the remaining two-third will be used for fertilizer production.,

“At Sprÿng, we raise mealworms to provide a new qualitative source of food for pets while limiting our impact. The contribution to climate change of one kilo of our Protein70 feed, for example, is 17 times lower than that of beef offal, but also lower than that of chicken offal,” said Maximilien Jouy, Impact manager, Ÿnsect. 

Sprÿng was created to revolutionize the pet food market towards more sustainability. Compared to other ingredients with the same properties used in pet food, this new pet food line's ingredients have a smaller environmental footprint, the company stated in a press release.

Ÿnsect operates several production sites across Europe and the US.

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