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Plant Reviews Help Upgrade Technology, Increase Plant ProductivityPlant Reviews Help Upgrade Technology, Increase Plant Productivity

January 23, 2015

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Plant Reviews Help Upgrade Technology, Increase Plant Productivity

Oseco, a leader in the pressure relief industry, offers extensive plant reviews to industries ranging from oil and gas to energy and chemical processing. They understand that older-technology pressure relief products, like pre-bulged and composite type rupture discs, can limit plant productivity in their lack of performance. Oseco can survey a plant to identify instances of these 1930’s technology rupture discs, and offer new-technology solutions like their FAS and PRO+KRGL to replace them.  

Oseco uses modern scoring technology to yield their high performance FAS and PRO+KRGL rupture discs. This technology allows these rupture discs to be precisely calibrated so they are not bound by the same operating limitations as older technologies. These solutions are versatile across multiple applications, facilitating inventory stock consolidation for plant managers, and reducing or eliminating the need for multiple types of rupture discs in a plant.

“By providing modern rupture discs that work harder for them, we simplify plant managers’ inventory requirements,” said Randy Blackmon, Oseco’s segment and sales manager for process. “That, in turn, makes their stock manageable and puts less strain on their budgets.”

Additionally, plant managers can run their plant efficiently and productively by taking advantage of higher operating ratios offered by the FAS and PRO+KRGL, without the need to resize their rupture discs or piping. This makes for a seamless transition from previous technologies to the high-performing replacement assemblies.

The Oseco PRO+KRGL operates at 95% of its stamped burst pressure, improving on the 80% operating ability of its composite style counterpart. Additionally, Oseco has developed the PRO+KRGL to reliably open in liquid and gas applications and provide the industry best Kr value. The FAS and PRO+KRGL are both non-torque sensitive and non-fragmenting rupture discs, making them suitable for applications where a relief valve must be isolated, removing room for error in the installation process, and contributing to their versatility across many applications.

“When we replace pre-bulged rupture discs with our Forward Acting Scored FAS, for example, we’re essentially giving 20% of their vessel capacity back to operators without raising the burst pressure. This means greater production capacity for the plant’s product output, without compromising overpressure protection or violating code requirements,” Blackmon explained.

Pre-bulged and composite style rupture discs have been the industry standard for decades, but Oseco is working to change that and move the industry forward. Their goal is to help chemical processing companies improve plant production and performance by working with plant managers to upgrade to high-performance rupture discs. This is a “win-win” for operators who are in a cost constrained environment.

For more information about Oseco’s plant reviews, or to schedule one for your plant, call 800-395-3475 or email [email protected].  

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