IEP Technologies’ Atexon Spark Detection and Extinguishing System Receives FM Global Approval

System meets the detailed requirements of the latest version of FM 3265:2020.

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Spark Detection System
IEP Technologies' Atexon spark detection and extinguishing system recently received FM approvals. Image courtesy of IEP Technologies

The “next generation” Atexon spark detection and extinguishing system by IEP Technologies has recently received third-party approval by Factory Mutual (FM), meeting the detailed requirements of the latest version of FM 3265:2020.*

Spark detection and extinguishing systems are widely used to protect and mitigate against fires and explosions in many industrial facilities, by continually monitoring for ignition sources (e.g. sparks, embers, hot particles, and overheated fan components) within pneumatic process lines, and activating rapidly when required to prevent the potentially serious safety and financial consequences for the plant, the process, and any people working in the vicinity of the operation.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) specifies that spark detection and extinguishing systems are subjected to third-party testing and certification before being put into operation. By selecting an Atexon system with FM Approval, users can be reassured that all the required testing and examination has already been conducted by a globally established, nationally recognized testing laboratory.

A key component in the Atexon system is the SD300-EX series spark detector that ensures reliable detection of ignition sources in the visible or infra-red light wavelengths, even in the presence of dense material flows. The SD300-EX also features a 180-degree wide field of view, ensuring no blind spots, potentially resulting in a reduction in the quantity of detectors required. For certain applications, they can be mounted without the need for welding, providing more installation cost and time efficiencies. These detectors feature corrosion resistant stainless steel (AISI 316L) housings.

Alongside gaining the globally recognized FM Approval, the Atexon system also recently underwent an overall design upgrade, providing users with even more application, operational and installation benefits.

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* Factory Mutual (FM) Approval Standard 3265:2020 – Examination Standard for Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems

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