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ASME BPE Compliant Rupture Disc Improves Process Performance, Safety

Image courtesy of Continental Disc Corp. Rupture_Disc_CONTINENTAL_DISC.jpg
Disc is suited for cyclic process conditions from full vacuum to 95% of the stamped rating


Continental Disc Corp. introduces the IntegrX-HPX, addressing the need to improve process performance, reliability, and safety within the biopharmaceutical industry.

The IntegrX-HPX combines the performance of the HPX with ASME BPE compliant crevice-free design, removing the need for integral seals.

Traditional sanitary rupture disc designs limit access to the full spectrum of benefits delivered by HPX technology. Manufactured and tested to optimize service life and performance, the new IntegrX-HPX is a semi-circular, scored, reverse-acting rupture disc, suited for cyclic process conditions from full vacuum to 95% of the stamped rating.

“The pioneering and innovative IntegrX-HPX offers a unique opportunity to boost efficiency, safety, and drive down costs by extending the service life,” said Thomas Caldwell, VP of global sales & marketing at Continental Disc Corp. “The bold new design reduces maintenance, minimizes the chance of installation damage, and allows you to control the source and type of seal material without affecting disc performance.”

With the disc built into a cartridge, the robust welded design of the IntegrX-HPX mitigates the impact of downstream piping loads on the disc burst pressure and overall performance. The incorporated external tag aids installation and provides clearly visible identification in the field and easy access to marked data.

Continental Disc Corp., Liberty, MO 816-407-5614 www.contdisc.com

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