Weighing & Batching

October 8, 2007

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Weighing & Batching

pbs0710p6a.jpgIndustrial Scales
Midrics scales provide simple and economical solutions to industrial weighing requirements from incoming inspection and shipping to production, resource planning, packaging, and more. The basic Midrics 1 version features field-proven simple operation for “weigh-only” requirements, while the versatile Midrics 2 version offers built-in application programs including counting, checkweighing, classification, weighing in percent, and more. Separate modules and made-to-order versions are also available for custom needs. Ten capacity ranges are available from 3 kg to 3 tn with standard resolution of 15,000 d and Class III resolution for legal metrology of 1 × 3000 e, 2 × 3000 e.
Sartorius Corp., Edgewood, NY 800-635-2906 www.sartorius-usa-com

pbs0710p6c.jpgNet Weighing and Filling Machines
This complete line of automatic carton-, drum-, and box-filling machines is designed for precision high-speed batching, carton filling, and drum packout. Standard features include a bulk-supply hopper, two-speed vibrating-feeder package, net-weigh hopper with load cell scale, precision air-operated slide gate, and digital batch controller. All machines and systems feature components that are designed for long life and minimal maintenance. Optional features include automated conveyors to move cartons or boxes into position on belts, rollers, or powered rollers; a vibratory compactor table to densify and settle contents; and computer interfacing and printer options. For even more weighments per minute, multiple-head machines for simultaneous filling are also available.
Metso BEST Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237 www.bestvibes.com

pbs0710p6b.jpgMicro Batching System
This manufacturer of precision batching systems for powdered, flaked, and granular ingredients has introduced a microbatching system for continuous production facilities that use minor ingredients in their product recipes. The system is most advantageous for facilities that run the same recipe repeatedly, in different batch sizes. It can also be set up with modular ingredient dispensers to accommodate batch sizes that change continuously. The systems have 4 to 24 FDA-USDA polyethylene dispensers, with capacities of 3.5 to 100 cu ft, and provide permanent tracking of batch ingredients and precise weight documentation. The system can be configured with more than one weigh station to allow individual ingredients to be weighted simultaneously at the main station for fastest production of certified batches.
Ingredient Masters, Cincinnati, OH 513-231-7432 www.ingredientmasters.com

pbs0710p6d.jpgTruck Scales
EPR heavy-duty, low-profile truck scales feature steel or concrete decks, capacities ranging from 30 to 135 tn, and lengths from 20 to 120 ft. They are legal for trade up to and including 14 ft wide. The company also offers portable axle, mechanical, weigh-in-motion, and hydraulic truck scales in a variety of capacities and sizes, as well as a complete range of peripheral equipment to complement scale installations such as digital weight indicators, remote displays, and vehicle weight-management software.
Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 800-441-4237 www.CardinalScale.com

pbs0710p7a.jpgFloor Scale
The 708 floor scale uses hydrostatic load cell technology to provide maximum durability and sustained accuracy, even in the harshest applications. Configured as a low-profile, above-ground scale, it is designed for applications where frequent, heavy washdown is common. Hydrostatic load cells are totally nonelectronic. All sensitive electronics are eliminated from the scale platform, the area of greatest abuse. A scale with few vulnerable electronic components results in maximum uptime and durability, and reductions in maintenance, repair, and calibration costs. The load cells are guaranteed for life against failure from water, flooding, power surges, stray voltages, rodents, and RFI/EMI.
Emery Winslow Scale Co., Seymour, CT 203-881-9333 www.emerywinslow.com

pbs0710p7b.jpgAutomated Bulk Weighing System
This automated bulk weighing system offers a solution for batching operations by converting existing bins, tanks, or hoppers into accurate, dependable weighing systems. With this system, Weigh Bar weight sensors send collected data to a rugged Evolution 1310 indicator, which performs advanced data management and process control. The indicator stores multiple recipes and communicates with many serial devices, including printers and remote displays. In addition, the E1310 features excellent network connectivity and can display virtually any combination of weight data, text, and graphics. The system is easily installed and ensures fast, precise, repeatable measurements.
Avery Weigh-Tronix, Fairmont, MN 877-888-1646 www.wtxweb.com

pbs0710p7c.jpgCustomized Weighing and Batching Systems
This company offers customized weighing and batching systems that incorporate a scale control specifically designed to accommodate bulk materials. This feature allows independent control of each ingredient with fast and slow feed, automatic target weight preact and auto jog. Multiple weigh hoppers or loss-in-weight feeders may be used to formulate batches. Liquid addition scale systems are also available.
Nol-Tec Systems Inc., Lino Lakes, MN 651-780-8600 www.nol-tec.com

pbs0710p8a.jpgBatch Weigh Vacuum Convey System
This batch weigh vacuum convey system can be used in food, pharmaceutical, or chemical applications and is designed to deliver powders and granules to process vessels with a high level of accuracy; accuracies are excellent with ½% of the batch size. This type of vacuum convey system allows for greater control of product quality and inventory control of materials. Material can be conveyed from drums, bags, or super sacks. Equipment is custom designed for the specific needs of the application.
Vac-U-Max, Belleville, NJ 973-759-4600 www.vac-u-max.com

pbs0710p8b.jpgPneumatic Weigh Batch System
This in-line pneumatic batching system allows simultaneous weigh batching of major ingredients supplied in bulk bags and manual dumping of preweighed minor ingredients, and blending of the material while a subsequent batch is accumulated. Each of the bulk bag dischargers is mounted on load cells, allowing loss-of-weight batching from either or both bulk bags. A system controller starts and stops each discharger’s rotary airlock valve to weigh ingredients. Minor, preweighed ingredients are added at the manual dumping station after the major ingredients have been discharged from the bulk bags. The vacuum conveyor line terminates at a filter receiver above a blender.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com

pbs0710p9a.jpgWeight Controller
Only three inches deep, this weight controller is easily configured to meet specific application needs. Available with ac or dc power and in panel, remote, or blind DIN rail mounting, it installs fast with no special holes to cut. The controller comes standard with serial and Ethernet, and optional Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP, analog, and Profibus, and optional rate-of-change capability. It includes Waversaver to eliminate the effects of surrounding vibration for stable weight display, C2 electronic calibration without test weights, a secure digital (SD) secure memory module card for transfer of configuration data, and Integrated Technician for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Hardy Instruments, San Diego, CA 800-821-5831 www.hardyinstruments.com

pbs0710p9b.jpgWeighing Indicator
The WE2107 weighing indicator has practical features and functions that simplify the manufacture of scales for industrial applications. The design process considered every possible application to ensure maximum flexibility: legal for trade up to 6000 divisions (scale class III per OIML R76); COM port for serial communication with a PC/PLC (RS-232 WE2017 or RS-485 WE2107M); a second COM port for a printer or an external large-scale display (RS-232); two digital control inputs that are function-dependent on the application; and four digital, PLC-compatible outputs that can be used as limit value switches or as a filling/batching control. The design process also considered one analog output at 4–20 mA for more extensive analog processing or for simple service access; two function keys, used as defined by the user; a legal-for-trade DSD memory for approximately 6000 complete weighing processes; ergonomic housing version WE2107 for wall, column, or desktop mounting or flat version WE2107M for panel mounting or electronics cabinets; and IP65 degree of protection throughout (NEMA 4).
HBM Inc., Marlborough, MA 800-578-4260 www.hbm.com

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