October 11, 2011

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Open-Frame Weigh Belt Feeder
Designed specifically for sanitary processes, DEA open frame weigh belt feeder features tool-less, rapid belt removal for frequent cleaning cycles, an IP69K stainless steel load cell manufactured to withstand high pressure spray, a shaft mounted, wash-down drive system for simple power transmission, and product contact surfaces with 316 stainless steel. It provides weight-controlled feeding, weight indication, and totalization for fragile materials like cereals, snack foods, kibble, fruits, and pasta. The sanitary open frame is offered in models with 12- and 24-in. belt widths, BIC (belt weight influence compensation), and accuracies of ± 0.25% to 1% of set rate sigma. Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 262-473-2441 www.accuratefeeders.com

Large Vessel Load Cell
The Load Stand II is a direct vessel-to-foundation structural member designed for accurate continuous inventory monitoring and control solutions. The system is ideal for vessels with loads of 100,000 lb or more and is available in sizes of 25,000 to 1 million lb per support point. The Load Stand II load cell weighs large vessels and becomes an integral part of a vessel structure for rugged, maintenance-free weight measurement with full UBC wind and seismic ratings. Simple and easy to match mounting plates yield minimum design time and easy installations. Kistler-Morse, Spartanburg, SC 800-426-9010 www.kistlermorse.com

Bench Scales
EB-190 series bench scales feature large, 1-in.-high LCD displays with ColorZONE check-weighing for efficient time management. The scale is set to display different color, high-contrast weight readouts based on under, acceptable, and over weights during the check-weighing process. The target weights are easy to assign through the scale’s keypad and can be changed quickly as different sized products are weighed. Multiple sizes and capacities are available from 15 x .005 lb to 300 x .1 lb. The EB-190 series weighs in lb, kg, g, and oz. Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 800-441-4237 www.CardinalScale.com

Plant-Wide Weigh Batching System
This automated plant-wide weigh batching system simultaneously weighs up to seven major ingredients received in bulk bags and unlimited minor ingredients received in 50-lb sacks, pails, or boxes, and conveys weighed batches to a downstream blender. Components include: five loss-of-weight Bulk-Out bulk bag dischargers with large surge hoppers and rotary airlock valves; two loss-of-weight Bulk-Out bulk bag dischargers with small surge hoppers and flexible screw conveyors; two loss-of-weight bag dump stations with flexible screw conveyors; a check-weighing hopper; a Twin-Centerpost bulk bag filler; a Pneumati-con dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system including blower, filter receiver, and conveying lines; and a programmable controls package. Weighed ingredients are conveyed pneumatically to a filter receiver that discharges the batch into a mezzanine-level, high capacity blender mounted on load cells, providing confirmation of final batch weight. Blended batches are gravity discharged into a paper sack filling machine or a bulk bag filler. Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com

Container/Bulk Bag Densifier with Scale System
This new system is designed to automatically fill containers or bulk bags by weight, and settle the contents. Sanitary type 304 stainless steel construction with continuous TIG welds and no tube penetrations allow for quick, thorough wash-down cleaning. Compact, low-profile design is ideal for applications with limited headroom or floor space. An operator simply selects a recipe from the control panel and presses a single button to initiate the fill cycle. The batch controller sends signals to start the product in-feed system, activates the high amplitude densification system, and stops the fill system as required based upon the programmed set point. NTEP-approved weigh modules are protected by a floor-mounted stainless steel machine guard. Material Transfer & Storage, Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

Continuous Weigh Feeders
Better-Weigh continuous feeders are ideal for gravimetric feeding of dry bulk materials where it is necessary to determine actual feed rates on a loss-of-weight basis. Available in seven models with feed rates from 1 to 550 cu ft/hr (larger sizes available), these feeders are designed to provide feeding in either batch or continuous mode depending upon the arrangement of the feeder’s control electronics. In batch mode, the batch controller is used to control the fast (bulk) and slow (dribble) speeds of the feeder. Accuracies of ±0.5% can be easily achieved in 2-lb or less batches, and ±0.25% with 3-lb or greater batches with time spans of 30 to 90 seconds. In continuous mode, the feeder’s electronic controller is used to constantly monitor loss of weight of material per time in order to maintain a continuous loss of weight with an accuracy of ±0.25% to 0.50%. Standard features include a platform or lever balance scale, sealed tactile keyboard, 7-digit numerical keyboard, automatic manual batching, and a 2- or 5-cu-ft hopper. Sanitary construction is also available. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999 www.metalfabinc.com

Batch Automation
PRO Series batch automation allows formulas to be manually or electronically entered into the system, and the control system will automatically make sure that the proper amount of ingredients are measured into each scale and that the material is transferred to the mixing operation where the proper mixing cycle is handled including mix time and transfer of ingredients to packaging or bulk load out. PRO Series blend automation allows formulas to be manually or electronically entered into the system, and the control system will automatically make sure that the proper ratio of liquid and dry ingredients are proportioned and blended into a homogeneous mixture. APEC, Lake Odessa, MI 616-374-1000 www.apecusa.com

Net Weigher
The BEST Model NW-50 food-grade net-carton-filling system feeds 20-30 lb of snack-food chips to 16x20 in. cartons at four cartons per minute with an accuracy of ±0.1 lb. Cartons are indexed into position, filled, vibrated, and moved out on a powered-roller conveyor. The filling machines feature rugged, long-lasting components that require minimum maintenance. Metso, Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237 www.bestvibes.com

Weigh System for Bulk Bag Filling
NTEP-certified weigh systems are now integral elements of the design and manufacture of NBE bulk bag filling equipment. As an original design component, the systems eliminate the variable weight outcomes and resulting material waste or re-filling that may occur with bolt-on load cell or third-party NTEP scale systems. The systems also aid in supporting weigh accuracy validation in regulated processes and practices, such as cGMP. Material weights are measured to an accuracy of +/-.01%, up to a total filled bag weight of 4500 lb. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220 www.nbe-inc.com

Blending Scale
The E955 blending scale is designed to weigh and blend two different free-flowing or semi-free-flowing products into the same bag with a split reaching up to 90-100%. It consists of a main weighing hopper fed by a gravity-vibratory feeder and an auxiliary weighing hopper fed by a vibratory feeder. The two products are blended in the main weighing hopper and top-up is done to accurately reach the final target weight. High hygienic standards are achieved, with contact parts in SS304. Simplex and duplex configurations are available, reaching up to 18 BPM (simplex configuration) and 36 BPM (duplex configuration). Premier Tech Chronos, Rivière-du-Loup, QC, Canada 418-868-8324 www.ptchronos.com

Low-Profile Weighing
The IF series is an alternative to installing pit-frame, floor scales. With platform heights as low as 25 mm and capacities up to 3000 kg, the IF series provides the advantages of a pit installation without the high installation costs. A variety of options, including a pneumatic lifting mechanism and retractable wheels, make it ideal for clean room environments where hygienic regulations must be met. The IF series also offers surfaces as smooth as .4µm, and the platform is pressed from a single piece of steel, ensuring against any crevices which would promote bacterial growth. Sartorius Mechatronics Corp., Edgewood, NY 800-635-2906 www.sartorius-mechatronics.com

Bulk Bag Weigher/Filler
This custom-designed bulk bag weigher is used for accurate filling of bulk bags. The bulk weigher features a Genetix process controller that communicates with a Siemens PLC, using a Profibus network. A modular design allows the customer to select different versions for each application. In addition, the quick change design accommodates a 55-lb-bag filling device or the bag weigher. The use of the process controller allows for monitoring the gross weight and other process variables while the bulk bag is being filled with the product. Merrick Industries Inc., Lynn Haven, FL 800-345-8440 www.merrick-inc.com

High-Capacity Load Cells
The Advantage HI LPRC03 Series of load cells is designed for high-capacity hopper and tank weighing. They are easy to install by bolting or welding, have a lower height, and provide more lift off protection than previous designs. Each rocker load point consists of either plated or stainless steel mounting hardware and a stainless steel mV/V and mV/V/ohm matched load sensor with true IP68 hermetic sealing, exclusive C2 electronic calibration, and a ¼ NPT conduit adapter. Each assembly provides built-in checking, lift-off protection, and is specifically designed to eliminate the effects of unwanted forces to provide exceptional weighing accuracy. Hardy Process Solutions,  San Diego, CA 800-821-5831 www.Hardysolutions.com

Multi-Scale Weighing Indicator/Controller
The 920i USB shares the same hardware as Rice Lake’s 920i but replaces the PS2 interface port with a USB interface. Connector types include: Standard Type A—host connecting keyboards, printers, and memory devices; Standard Type B—connecting devices and PCs. The 920i is designed for multi-scale weighing applications, data acquisition, sensor interfacing, batching, and specialty plant floor integration. Ideal for multi-scale applications, the 920i allows up to four scale displays with legal-for-trade information, or up to 32 weight-only displays that can include individual scales or any combination of totalized scales. The graphic, 320 x 240 pixels LCD can display custom screens with scalable tanks, hoppers, bar graphs, control icons, and databases like truck in/out programs that store up to 1000 ID numbers. Customizable programs can be used to store databases with inventory records, formulas, and shipping information. Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Rice Lake, WI 715-434-5168 www.RiceLake.com

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