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May 12, 2011

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Technology Review

u2caa_141106.jpgUltrasonic Solid Level Transmitter
The series ULB ultrasonic solid level transmitter is a direct-install level transmitter designed for non-contact measurement of solid levels. The ULB utilizes ultrasonic technology paired with automatic temperature compensation to provide reliable and accurate measurements in virtually all conditions. An integrated LCD screen and four responsive push buttons allow for quick and easy programming on a simple menu structure. Diagnostic capabilities and a failsafe output signal make the ULB ideal for critical applications. Dwyer Instruments Inc., Michigan City, IN 800-872-9141

u2ca4_142483.jpgDust Duty Valve
The DDV dust duty valve features a robust cast housing designed for greater capacity. The DDV will service applications such as baghouse, cyclone, and dust collectors with a maximum pressure differential of 60 in. WC. The maximum temperature is 300°F. The DDV is available in cast iron or stainless with square or round flanges, in sizes from 6-14 in. Wm. W. Meyer & Sons Inc., Libertyville, IL 847-918-0111

u3021_141104.jpgSelf-Optimized Weighing
The DFe 2-4 is a self-optimizing weighing system, whose high-resolution weighing cell is combined with a tendency control to monitor, evaluate, and compensate even smallest deviations from the target weight. The system is able to recognize product densifications and can correct them automatically. This machine is able to process up to a maximum of 5000 ml and/or 7500 g. The format range of the DF series reaches from 0.5 to 25 l and/or from 0.1 to 15 kg, depending on the machine model. Changeovers are fast and easy and can be accomplished without tools. An output of up to 110 portions per minute can be achieved on a 4-headed machine. Optima Machinery Corp., Green Bay, WI 920-339-2222

u303e_141109.jpgBulk Bag Unloader with Flexible Screw Conveyor
The Single-Trip bulk bag unloader allows rapid, low-cost discharging in low headroom areas, and conveying of the material at any angle to downstream processing, storage, or packaging equipment. The unloader relies on the user’s forklift or plant hoist to lower single-use bulk bags onto a four-bladed bag piercing knife that cuts the bag bottom from seam-to-seam, promoting complete discharge without the use of flow promotion devices otherwise needed to move material through narrow bag spouts. The unloader relies on the bag bottom to self-seal against a thick gasket affixed to the rim of the hopper and to discharge through a wide diameter hole in the center of the gasket, eliminating the cost and additional headroom required for bag spout interfaces used on conventional unloaders of reusable bags. An optional dust plenum, consisting of a hollow hopper rim with interior slots and exterior port vented to a plant dust collection system, is offered as a secondary dust containment measure. Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426

u3037_141094.jpgPolycarbonate-Encased Bulk Bag Unloader
This bulk bag unloader system is designed for use in highly contaminant-sensitive process areas handling bulk materials known to generate combustible dusts. A 9.525 mm, polycarbonate encasement surrounds the bulk bag unloader to prevent migrant dusts that piggyback on the exterior of bulk bags from becoming airborne and entering the work zone during bag conditioning and bag collapse. The combustible input material is introduced, dust-free, directly to an integrated surge hopper through the E3 closed-cycle dust recovery system that secures and encloses the bag spout within a sealed containment cylinder. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220

u3047_142428.jpgStainless Steel Hoist
This all-stainless steel strap hoist was specifically engineered for demanding pharmaceutical manufacturing use. The new Lab-Lift represents an advancement in clean room material handling equipment design to further minimize the potential for contamination. The hoist features a highly polished finish and a urethane-coated lubrication-free lifting strap, which eliminates the particulate contamination associated with chain hoists or wire rope hoists. There is no metal-on-metal abrasion to potentially create particle contaminates. The hoist mechanism is enclosed in a smooth-sided polished 304 stainless steel enclosure for easy wash-down. The enclosure slides away to allow easy cleaning of internal components. The David Round Co., Streetsboro, OH 800-535-2725

u3065_141093.jpgFiltration Products
Filtration products are available for a wide range of applications from food and chemical processing to the woodworking and mineral industries. All dust collection systems require periodic replacement of their filters to maintain top performance. All styles of replacement filters are available from a selection of fabrics suited to address specific situations. AFF can cross-reference most filters or duplicate your sample to provide an exact match and ensure a perfect fit. Dust filters are designed to offer high air relief, fine particle separation, and excellent dust cake build/release properties. American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591

u305e_141096.jpgGas-Fired Walk-in Oven
No. 948 is an indirect gas-heated 650°F walk-in oven that is currently used for evaporating water from plastic. 500,000 BTU/hr are installed in a modulating natural gas burner that fires into an alloy radiant tube. Workspace dimensions are 60 in. wide x 72 in. deep x 72 in. high. The oven has a top-mounted heat chamber, Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior and an aluminized steel exterior, with 5-in.-thick insulated walls. The insulated floor is lined with truck wheel guide tracks. A 6000 CFM, 5-HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload. The oven is equipped with a 1500 CFM stainless steel powered forced exhauster with motorized dampers on the intake and exhaust for accelerated cooling. For protection, safety equipment is included as required by IRI, FM, and NFPA Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment. The Grieve Corp., Round Lake, IL 847-546-8225

u3057_141111.jpgBulk Bag Unloaders
These bulk bag unloaders are designed to provide a safe, dust-free, and convenient way to handle and discharge bags. With an optional batch weigh design, the unloaders feature rugged load cells and easy-to-use electronics that allow the operator to control inventory, monitor bag contents, and accurately batch weigh preset quantities of material. With a wide variety of feed devices and weight control options, the bulk bag unloaders also offer these features: a bag support hopper for safe seating and sealing of the bag; standard two-point dust collection; no-spill collection hopper; and a vibration discharge system for difficult-to-handle materials. Complete systems with integrated feeders and conveyors are also available to control rate and elevate material to a process. Vibra Screw Inc., Totowa, NJ 973-774-3512

u3050_141098.jpgDischarge Aid
The Mucon Promo-Flow discharge aid is an easy-to-install solution to existing discharge problems. The custom-made internally mounted screens are designed to transmit vibration directly into the product preventing material bridging, rat holing, and segregation during discharge. The robust vibrators are mounted externally activating the vibrating screens mounted on the inside of the silo wall at the points where the flow problem occurs. Rubber isolation mounts attach the Promo-Flow discharge system to the silo, preventing leakage through the mounting holes. The whole unit is allowed to vibrate the product while contributing no vibration to the silo itself. Kemutec Powder Technologies, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013

u30b6_141095.jpgHigh-Volume Twin-Screw Feeder
The BEST Model TSF twin-screw feeder is designed for precise batching and weighing applications. The feeder’s dual-helix design combines fast, high-volume filling with accurate dribble flow at the end of the cycle. Its compact design is ideal when limited space prohibits multiple individual screw units. Two helixes, 1½ and 4 in. in diameter, are mounted on an 18x22 in. hopper. They are rated at 17 and 283 cu ft/hr, respectively, at maximum RPM with 100%-efficient conveyable product and no slippage. The feeder is ideal for batching to weigh-hoppers, low loss-in-weight scale-monitored flow, low loss-of-weight batch applications with scales, drum and pail packout lines, and recipe-type batching by multiple computer-controlled units. Many options are available. Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

u30af_141101.jpgLight-Duty Airlock Rotary Valve
The Light-Duty (LD) Aerolock rotary valve is engineered for low-pressure or low-vacuum service applications. The LD Aerolock is ideally suited for use with fine powders and dusts commonly associated with cyclone or filter-type dust collectors where a head of material does not build up on top of the airlock inlet. Pressure differential across the LD is limited to a maximum of 3 PSI, and an absolute maximum temperature of 200°F. The unit is designed with flexible polyurethane tips on the rotors to keep air loss and tolerance adjustments to a minimum. The rotors are easily replaced as they wear. The LD has a six-blade rotor and is available with flat or relieved tips in several rotor choices including open-ended, reduced displacement, and staggered pocket. The LD utilizes a single radial ball bearing on both the thrust and drive sides. Materials of construction include carbon and stainless steel with coating options. K-Tron Process Group / K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611

u30c4_141107.jpgProgressing Cavity Pump
The 2000 Model G3 progressing cavity pump is suited for handling semi-dry, high solids content or caked substances. It features a series of finger mechanisms mounted on two counter-rotating shafts. Positioned above the pump’s auger feed, this bridge-breaker device prevents the accumulation of material in the throat of the pump. The bridge breaker is independently driven for flexibility in controlling pump and bridge breaker speed to meet specific application requirements. The pump features Moyno’s crown gear-type universal joint, a heavy-duty drive train configuration. It is capable of accommodating high torsional and thrust loads. Moyno Inc., Springfield, OH 877-486-6966

u30d2_141097.jpgPowder Characteristics Tester
The model PT-X powder tester employs the methods developed by Ralph L. Carr (Carr Indices) to determine the “Flowability & Floodability” of dry powders. The model PT-X is the latest design of Hosokawa’s powder characteristics tester that uses state-of-the-art features to identify the specific characteristics of powdered samples for a wide range of application fields. The most current model PT-X has been equipped with features suggested by many global users of earlier models, making it a technologically advanced instrument for measuring powder flow characteristics. Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, Summit, NJ 800-526-4491

u3102_141108.jpgSanitary Point-Level Sensor
The LMT Series sanitary point-level sensor monitors the level of powders in food and beverage processing tanks and pipes. The sensor can provide reliable level indication in storage tanks and protects pumps from run-dry conditions. Viscous media, such as ketchup and mayonnaise, tend to stick to a sensing face and cause unreliable level indication. The LMT sensor uses high-frequency (MHz) capacitive spectrum profiling technology that enables the sensor to ignore foam and deposit build-up and differentiate between actual product in a tank or only residue. The LMT’s capacitive technology allows the sensor to detect measuring points at multiple frequencies which enables deeper penetration into the media. ifm efector inc., Exton, PA 800-441-8246

u30ee_141099.jpgVibrating Fork Point Level Sensor
The vibrating fork point level sensor will detect the presence and absence of material as lightweight as 0.624 lb/cu ft. It will operate with powders that are dry and free-flowing, as well as granular materials, to provide reliable high, low, and intermediate level control. The new addition to the Model VHS vibrating element point level sensor product line for solids uses piezoelectric technology to create its harmonic vibration in the absence of material. When material is present at its single element probe the vibration is dampened and the sensor relay output changes state to indicate material presence. The fork incorporates a universal AC/DC power supply, SPDT relay that is fail-safe on power failure, a local bi-color LED indicator of normal/alarm status, all stainless steel wetted part construction, and a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure suitable for ordinary electrical locations. BlueLevel Technologies, Rock Falls, IL 888-615-3835

u30e8_143194.jpgCabinet Cooler System
The digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) Cabinet Cooler system keeps electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. Independent laboratory tests now certify that the ETC is CE compliant to assure safe operation in a wide range of cooling applications, allowing it to work with Exair’s CE compliant Cabinet Cooler units. The ETC accurately maintains a constant temperature in the electrical enclosure that is slightly under the maximum rating of the electronics. It permits just enough cooling for the electronics without going so cold as to waste compressed air. Exair Corp., Cincinnati, OH 800-903-9247

u30e1_141103.jpgSide Belt Random Case Taper
The SB-2 EX random case taper offers cost-effective top and bottom case taping designed for large run case sealing of random case sizes. It utilizes pressure-sensitive tape and features rugged side belt drive. The system’s simple design keeps production and maintenance efforts to a minimum and provides fast and efficient alternatives to hand taping. SB-2 EX Random offers fast and easy case changes with adjustable side belt drive and flexibility ranging from 4.5 in. to infinite box length. It is also able to seal cases ranging from 4.5 to 23 in. in width, as well as 4.5 to 23 in. in depth. The SB-2 EX Random will automatically adjust to random-sized boxes that are operator fed. EZ-Tek Industries, Brooklyn Park, MN 800-877-5658

u30da_143119.jpgVersatile, Easy-to-Clean Conveyor
With the flip of a switch you can automatically lower the Helix Hi/Lo flexible screw conveyor from heights up to 12 ft to an easy-to-access height. Without climbing a ladder you can thoroughly washdown the food-grade or sanitary-finish components between batches. No special tools are needed. An optional mass-flow hopper can be used to encourage discharge of sluggish or non-free flowing ingredients without the need for separate in-hopper agitation. The Helix can convey at rates up to 25 cu ft/min. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260

u3110_141102.jpgPallet Dispenser
The Model 601 pallet dispenser features a side-clamp design that grips and lifts the entire stack to allow the bottom pallet to feed independently from the stack to the palletizing station. This design enhances palletizing efficiency, as it allows the dispenser to run pallets with protruding nails or loose boards, while minimizing further pallet damage and eliminating handling concerns during warehousing and shipping. This compact, self-contained unit offers a solid steel frame with barrier guarding, a heavy-gauge, chain-driven pallet handling mechanism, and motorized lift and clamp devices, providing 1000-lb lift capacity and maximum 15-pallet load. Operation is automatic, with up to three pallets per minute fed upon signal or command. The electric motor drive is precisely controlled by an Allen-Bradley Micrologic PLC. A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975

u312d_143160.jpgWeighing Terminal
The IND560x intrinsically safe weighing terminal is particularly suited for process control in hazardous areas. Approved for FM Division 1 and ATEX Zone 1 and 21 classified areas, the weighing terminal provides control and connectivity for weighing processes that must occur in explosive atmospheres. The IND560x is a full-featured process control weighing instrument. Accompanying software includes weight monitoring, set point control, filling, blending, and more. The IND560x platform can also be programmed to support completely custom applications. The terminal has several internal discrete I/O options, including active solid state outputs, which permit direct control of automatic and semi-automatic processes fully within hazardous areas. Mettler-Toledo Inc., Columbus, OH 614-438-4511

u3120_141105.jpgTubular Chain Drag Conveyors
DYNAflow tubular chain drag conveyors operate within the confines of a pipe. Material is moved by heavy-duty discs connected by articulated metal links (chains) that equip them for heavy-duty applications. The discs can be made from a variety of materials including steel and cast iron, which enables them to operate at temperatures up to 482ºF. Benefits of these conveyors include: totally enclosed, dust-free, contamination-free handling; operates in three planes to permit complex circuits, eliminating transfer points and using only a single drive; minimum energy consumption; can be meter or flood fed; handles hot, cold, wet, dry, hygroscopic, or temperature-sensitive materials; may be fed at multiple points in a circuit; may discharge at multiple points in circuit (no special airlocks). Spiroflow Systems Inc., Monroe, NC 704-291-9595

u3119_143161.jpgBrushless Motor for Feeders and Blenders
A completely new drive/gear motor package is available for auger-based, continuous loss-in-weight feeders and blenders. The X-Series blenders and AFG/PF feeders previously incorporated a PWM drive and a permanent magnet DC gear motor to rotate the metering auger. PCC started the development by designing a new generation of motor drives that would control both the older permanent magnet motors and the new generation of brushless DC motors. The new gear motors are both brushless and encoderless, for better reliability and performance, and a longer life span, as compared to the previous versions. With more torque and a greater speed range, the new gear motors only require two power/gear ratio combinations to cover the required RPM range for the company’s line of blenders and feeders, versus eight power/gear ratio combinations for the previous permanent magnet gear motors. Process Control Corp., Atlanta, GA 770-449-8810

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