December 5, 2007

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Technology Review

pbs0712p5c.jpgWeight Controller
Only three inches deep, a weight controller is easily configured to meet application needs. Available with ac or dc power and in panel, remote, or blind DIN rail mounting, it installs fast with no special holes to cut. The controller comes standard with serial and Ethernet. Optional Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP, analog, Profibus, and rate-of-change capability are available. It includes Waversaver, which eliminates the effects of surrounding vibration to achieve stable weight display; C2 electronic calibration without test weights; a secure digital secure memory module card for transferring configuration data; and Integrated Technician for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Hardy Instruments, San Diego, CA 800-821-5831

pbs0712p8a.jpgCompact Bagging System
The patent-pending AP1100 bag-filling system for open-mouth bags places and holds bags open for filling by a wide variety of net weigh scales, auger fillers, and gravity feed. The system can be configured with integrated load cells so that it can serve as a gross weigh scale for applications that require this capability. The system can handle more than 20 bags per minute and can be configured to place paper or poly­laminated bags with vacuum pickup. With MatGrip technology, the unit successfully places polywoven bags or even jute bags. Its overall height is just 60 in. above the floor, allowing a 34-in.-long filled bag to be handled above a conveyor that is 14 in. above the floor.
AccelPak Inc., Ottawa, KS 785-242-4994

pbs0712p9c.jpgPallet Dispenser and Stacker
This pallet dispenser and stacker offers maximum flexibility, since it can automatically dispense pallets for palletizing or stack empty pallets after depalletizing. The unit runs both conventional full pallets and half pallets that are popular for end aisle displays or custom merchandising. It utilizes a side-clamp design that grips pallets securely while providing gentle handling, making it suitable for damaged or skewed pallets. The lift-and-place design accommodates pallets with loose boards or protruding nails, which can cause stripper-style pallet dispensers to malfunction. The self-contained unit ships ready for installation on the packaging line and requires only electric and air connections.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975

pbs0712p16a.jpgPortable Barrel Scale
The LPE-series scale weighs drums and barrels. It can be moved to the desired location within the facility. One step on the pedal lowers the wheels for transporting, and one step on the activator pedal raises the wheels to put the unit in weighing position. The drums are easily placed on and removed from the platform with built-in ramps. The transport cart comes with heavy-duty 3-in. wheels for uneven floors. The weighing platform has heavy-duty side rails for strength and load feet to prevent damage from side force. The platform is made of heavy-gauge formed steel and is reinforced to prevent deflection. The scale is offered in mild steel or in stainless-steel washdown construction for harsh environments. It is available with capacities of 1000 × 0.1 lb or 2000 × 0.2 lb, with a weighing surface measuring 30 × 30 × 22 in.
Sterling Scale Co., Southfield, MI 800-331-9931

Eco-Drains prevent the water, oil, and dirt trapped by compressed air tanks, moisture separators, dryers, and filters from building up and contaminating product and expensive equipment. Controlled by capacitance sensors, these energy-saving drains remove contaminated condensate while retaining valuable compressed air. The robust aluminum housing and patented pilot-air-controlled valve technology ensure reliable service even when the drains are subjected to harsh condensate. Other features include dry contacts for central alarm signaling, LEDs, and a test button.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873

pbs0712p20a.jpgDusting System and Wipers
The Kimtech Science dusting system provides fast, effective dusting of a variety of surfaces in the laboratory, including under, over, and around surfaces, shelves, and equipment. It features a duster head with 380,000 soft, flexible, dust-trapping polyester fibers that change shape for dust pickup in crevices and contours where dust cloths cannot reach. The environmentally friendly system dusts without the need for chemicals and leaves no residues. Large microfiber wipers are ideal for cleaning delicate equipment and surfaces. They have excellent wet and dry strength and water and oil absorbency (absorbing 4.5 times their weight). Lens-cleaning microfiber wipers are designed for high-end optical lens cleaning. Low-linting wipers, they clean without streaking, smearing, or scratching delicate surfaces.
Kimberly-Clark Corp., Roswell, GA 800-255-6401

pbs0712p21c.jpgTri-Lobe Blower Packages
Kaeser has expanded its line of Com-paK Plus tri-lobe blower packages with the CB 110 and CB 130C units, which deliver up to 434 cu ft/min in pressures up to 15 psig and vacuum to 15 in.Hg. The CB units have an even smaller footprint than previous models and include a removable front panel for easy access and a simplified check valve for customization on-site. Both CB units feature a new angled inlet filter for quicker cartridge changes and are even quieter than previous models. They come completely assembled with a blower, motor, and silencers to minimize installation costs. All maintenance points, including an automatic belt-tensioning device, oil drains, and filter elements are accessible from the front.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873

pbs0712p25d.jpgCompact High-Speed Robots
A wide range of high-speed, four-, five-, and six-axis robots provides reaches from 350 to 1300 mm for payloads up to 20 kg and repeatability to within ±0.015 mm. Standard, dustproof, mistproof (IP65), and cleanroom (Class 10 and Class 100) models are available. A compact, space-saving design facilitates integration. ANSI and CE compliance allows global deployment, while UL-listed models are available for both the United States and Canada. Easy-to-use programming software, controllers, and teaching pendants are also offered, including 3-D simulation software that allows offline programming and remote monitoring of robot operations.
DENSO Robotics, Long Beach, CA 888-476-2689

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