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November 11, 2010

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Technology Review

111402.tifClosed-Vessel IBCs
Closed vessel, double-duty rigid IBCs ensure the integrity and safety of high-toxic powder products by managing the blending, discharging, shipping, and storage operations within a single vessel to minimize material contamination, product handling, environmental contamination, and cost. A wide range of container sizes, shapes, and designs is available to meet diverse material handling requirements and mixing/blending applications. Containers may be typical side-door units with straight walls or hopper containers with angled walls below a straight-walled upper section, or custom-engineered variations. Single vessel mixing, blending, and storage ensures containment and integrity of high toxic ingredients to minimize contamination, material handling, and clean-up. Tote Systems, Ft. Worth, TX 817-447-9110


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Elevating Fall Protection Platforms
G-Raff elevating platforms give operators safe access and fall protection while working on the tops of tank/bulk trucks, tank cars, sea containers, and hopper cars. Also offered are portable platforms, access equipment, stationary platforms, and horizontal lifeline systems. Green Access & Fall Protection, Sheffield Village, OH 440-934-2180

110834.tifBulk Bag Material Conditioner
This patent-pending system utilizes hydraulically actuated pivoting conditioning arms and a rotary lift table to safely and efficiently return solidified materials to a free-flowing state. The system’s pivoting conditioning frames penetrate deeply into the material for more effective results, while the lift table rotates and positions the bulk bag for complete material conditioning. The unit features an ultra-compact footprint and machine guarding for operator safety. Material Transfer & Storage, Allegan, MI 800-836-7068


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Super Air Knives
Long Super Air Knives produce a laminar sheet of airflow to blowoff, dry, or cool wide surfaces up to 96 in. The compact, energy-efficient design minimizes compressed air use by entraining 40 parts room air to one part compressed air. It is ideal for use on wide parts, webs, and conveyors. The knives provide a uniform, high-volume, high-velocity curtain of air that is infinitely adjustable from gentle blowing force to a hard-hitting blast of air. Exair Corp., Cincinnati, OH 800-903-9247

111405.tifBack Draft Dampers
The purpose of a back draft damper is to prevent a back draft of air coming from the baghouse and traveling into the factory. The Backdraft damper features back blast prevention and multi-inlet options for a zone system, and is gravity-operated and balanced to minimize pressure loss. It is of heavy-duty, fully welded 7- and 10-gauge carbon steel construction. All units are factory tested prior to shipment and painted OSHA safety yellow. The dampers are available in standard 4- to 48-in. diameters. Larger sizes are available on request. Imperial Systems Inc., Jackson Center, PA 800-918-3013


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Rotary Screw Compressors
Available in flows from 424-1024 cfm and pressures to 217 psig, DSD direct-drive series rotary screw compressors are designed for efficiency, reliability, and minimal maintenance. These state-of-the-art units feature the optimized Sigma profile airend, patent-pending Sigma control system, and the latest one-to-one direct-drive technology. DSD units are true direct-drive compressors with an oversized airend connected directly to the motor via a maintenance free coupling for maximum efficiency. Remote grease fittings for the drive and fan motor also increase bearing life – adding to longevity and durability. Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873

111850.tifMagnetic Screens
Sifter Parts & Service supplies both magnetic stainless steel screens and nylon mesh screens and has increased its inventory of the most popular sizes of replacement screens. Screens are manufactured in a wide range of mesh sizes using 430 stainless steel, which is magnetic as well as metal detectable. Sifter Parts & Service Inc., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591


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Non-Invasive  Rupture Detector
Standard rupture disc sensors require replacement or expensive rewiring after one use and are often in contact with the process flow, creating possible leak paths. The Flo-Tel+ detection system provides non-invasive and cost-effective burst detection for rupture discs. It is designed to work with the Opti-Gard rupture disc. The sensor operates on a simple reed-switch and magnet technology, fitting into the Opti-Gard holder with a magnet poised over the rupture disc. When the disc bursts, the magnet and disc arc away from the sensor, creating an open circuit signal. After rupturing, the disc is the only element that needs to be replaced, eliminating expensive sensor rewiring costs. Since the sensor is never in contact with the process flow, there are no potential leak paths. Oseco, Broken Arrow, OK 800-395-3475

110881.tifFolding Paddle  Bin Level Indicator
The Model RH/RHX rotary paddle bin level indicator is now available with single- and 2-vane folding paddles. These paddle attachments allow for easy installation from outside the bin by “folding” for simple insertion through the 1¼-in. NPT mounting connection. The paddles also eliminate the need for a shaft coupling, thereby reducing parts and cost. Other features include: bright, locally visible LEDs to indicate material normal and alarm conditions; DPDT relay output fail-safe on power failure; four bearings for smooth shaft rotation; automatic motor shutoff when material is present; food-grade materials of construction. BlueLevel Technologies Inc., Peru, IL 888-262-2662

110825.tifWorm Gear Replacement
The IronMan E Series gear reducer operates at 90% efficiency to maximize system effectiveness. It has a compact housing design that offers a direct replacement to traditional worm gear reducers. By utilizing helical-bevel gear technology, the E Series has up to 60% more torque than many competitive designs. Because of its modular versatility, the product fits 90% of the U.S. worm gear market and allows reduced inventory. With mounting base kits, the E Series can drop-in and replace multiple sizes of worm gear speed reducers. Providing an additional inventory reduction opportunity, shaft kits ranging from 1 to 1½ in. were designed to plug into a standard hollow output shaft. Four models are currently offered, with double reduction ratios from 7.8:1 to 60:1 and power capability to 8.50 hp. Triple reduction units are available by adding a ratio multiplier. Grove Gear, Union Grove, WI 262-878-1221

110826.tifStraightness Measurer
The two-dimensional Microgage 2D is used for precision measuring, machine alignment, calibration, and other demanding industrial applications. Roll and web lines, CNC cutting and milling equipment, lathes, stamping presses, injection molding machines, extrusion systems, and other production equipment can be easily checked and aligned for improved operating efficiency and reduced downtime. It is compact, easy to set-up, and used right on the factory floor. It is easy to use with instructions that show up on the display guiding the operator through alignment. This product combines a compact laser transmitter with a receiver and digital display. As the laser moves across the receiver in a vertical or horizontal direction the display provides a reading of the motion, accurate to 0.0001 in. Pinpoint Laser Systems Inc., Newburyport, MA 800-757-5383

110827.tifTwin Screw Feeders
The versatile volumetric or gravimetric Mechatron twin screw feeder is ideal for applications in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries. Designed in all stainless steel with an internal agitator, the unit handles cohesive materials as the interlocking portions of the helix act as a self-cleaning device and prevent excessive buildups around the helix and discharge areas. The feeder has the ability to remove the feed hopper and helixes for cleaning, servicing, or reconfiguring without having to remove the internal agitator from the feeder, saving overall system operation time. Accuracies of ±1/4% are achievable when using Schenck’s dual strain gauge load cells in gravimetric configurations. Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 262-473-2441

110828.tifLarge Air Nozzle
The 3/4 NPT stainless steel Super Air Nozzle delivers 4.5 lb of strong blowing force for blow-off, cooling, and drying applications located in corrosive, high-temperature, food, and pharmaceutical environments. The force is more than five times that of ordinary air nozzles. It is ideal for blowing heavy materials and where the air nozzle can’t be mounted close to the target surface. The aerodynamic design of the nozzle directs the compressed air to a single point of convergence, delivering a concentrated stream of high-velocity airflow with hard-hitting force. Exair Corp., Cincinnati, OH 800-903-9247


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High-Capacity Screener
This vibratory screener discharges oversized particles 360° around the periphery of a circular screening deck, increases capacity, improves efficiency, minimizes screen blinding, and prolongs screen life. The screener, a 60-in.-diam Vibroscreen model with External Kascade deck, is intended for screening of wet or dry bulk materials containing a large percentage of oversize fractions, at higher rates than attainable with conventional screeners. As material is fed onto the center of the screening deck, on-size particles pass through the screen and funnel through a lower discharge chute. Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140

110831.tifShaft Grounding Ring Protects
The AEGIS iPRO bearing protection ring extends the life of medium-voltage motors and improves the reliability of systems in which they are used by safely channeling harmful electrical currents away from bearings to ground. Specially designed for high-current applications, it is ideal for protecting generators, turbines, and medium-voltage motors against electrical bearing damage. The rugged and maintenance-free unit prevents damage that could otherwise lead to generator or motor failure, unplanned downtime, costly repairs, and lost revenues. It is available in a range of sizes to accommodate generator/motor shafts up to 30 in. in diam. It is ideal for medium-voltage motors that drive pumps, compressors, mixers, shredders, conveyors, and other machinery. Electro Static Technology, Mechanic Falls, ME 866-738-1857


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The ACS–TD classifier is now manufactured in 10 sizes ranging from the laboratory machine that handles up to 50 lb/hr to the ACS-300TD capable of feed rates in excess of 200 tn/hr. The TD or twin discharge series represents a breakthrough in increased fine particle production rate versus optimized classifier size. Airflow and particle behavior are predicted using state-of-the-art finite element-based flow modeling software and empirically verified through on-site laboratory testing. The feed material can be introduced pneumatically, pre-dispersed in an airstream, or mechanically fed into the classifier. The airstream can be recycled to the classifier in closed-circuit operation or filtered and discharged to atmosphere in open circuit operation. The cut point of the fine product can be precisely controlled by varying the rotational speed of the classifier blades.  RSG Inc., Sylacauga, AL 256-378-3836

111409.tifIndustrial Vacuums
The 08 series of industrial vacuums offers power, versatility, and a variety of features that enhance both performance and usability. Ideal for process-integration systems, central systems, or for general maintenance, the three-phase 08 series, which includes the 3308, 3508, 3508W, and 3558, gives users the cleaning muscle they need for continuous-duty applications, effectively collecting and retaining contaminants such as dust, bacteria, or packaging scraps. Features include an ergonomic filter shaker, portable design, and low-noise operation. Nilfisk CFM, Malvern, PA 610-647-6420


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Three-Conveyor Checkweigher and Metal Detector
The XC3 CombiChecker is a compact, three-conveyor Hi-Speed checkweigher and Safeline metal detector integrated onto one free-standing unit. The system delivers an integrated, space-saving solution for inspecting a wide range of products and packages in dry, dusty, and wipe-down environments. The unit detects and rejects all types of metals and can weigh, classify, and segregate uniformly spaced packages weighing up to 3500 g at rates up to 125 packs/min. The system is available in a 300mm-wide conveyor configuration making it ideal for users which require the flexibility to run both narrow and wide packages.  Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, Ithaca, NY 800-836-0836

110830.tifElectromechanical  Vibratory Feeders
These electromechanical vibratory feeders (EMF) have twin rotary electric vibrator drives designed to provide a linear motion for smooth, uniform volumetric flow that is fully adjustable in four speeds for medium- to heavy-duty applications. Available in six standard models, they can be built to specifications for the needs of packaging, plastics, processing, powders, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, steel, mining, automotive, and other environments. The feeders are built to evenly spread dry, granular bulk material or powders in a wide pattern up to 76 in. over a length of 12 to 24 in. These feeders are ideal for coating products that are moving at a high rate of travel, including the sprinkling of toppings onto conveyed food products. EMF4312 feeders have a compact design for effective operation in very tight spaces. Cleveland Vibrator Co., Cleveland, OH 800-221-3298


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Electric Shakers
The patent-pending M-Series electric shakers can handle anything from low-volume applications to central scrap removal systems that carry several thousand pounds per hour. All shakers feature a compact footprint, high convey speeds, and quiet operation. Operating without the need for maintenance, spare parts, or lubrication, they cost far less to operate than their pneumatic counterparts, which require expensive compressed air. Designed for the rugged factory environment, they are available in a variety of sizes. Optional multi-pan and rack and pinion tracking systems are available.  MPI, Highland, MI 800-544-5930

110833.tifMid-Sized Bucket Conveyor  & Elevator System
A mid-size Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system offers a larger capacity bucket design for higher throughput and applications beyond typical dry bulk material handling. With an increased bucket capacity of 495 cu in, this unit offers more than twice the capacity of the original Elecon system. Like the other Elecon bucket conveyors in the line, the new mid-size multi-axis Go Anywhere Conveyor has a patented chain and wedge shaped cantilevered bucket design that come together and overlap at the load or fill station. The patented rack and pinion system assures full discharge with a 360º bucket rotation on selection. Gough Econ, Charlotte, NC 800-264-6844


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Self-Contained Air Loaders
SVL series self-contained air loaders provide efficient conveying of materials from drums, bins, material bags, and gaylords with the use of an efficient compressed air venturi system. Available in several configurations to fit just about any single loading material conveying application, the modular design of the SVL series is simple to use, operate, and maintain. A standard flange with quick release fasteners allows for fast and easy material changes and cleanout, while a simple control assembly provides easy-to-use operation.  Sterling, New Berlin, WI 262-641-8610

111406.tifPharmaceutical Metal Detector
The Insight PH is offered with advanced plug and play architecture featuring an array of new communications options – USB, SCADA, Wireless, and Standard Ethernet - designed to meet the requirements of both systems integrator and end user. The system occupies the smallest machine footprint in its class, now featuring a newly designed, compact integrated digital head with advanced Optix detector management software. A higher level of sensitivity to all types of metal comes as standard along with improved stability to vibration and complex product signals. Each machine will be delivered with an all new, user-friendly HMI.  Lock Inspection Systems Ltd, Oldham, Lancashire, UK +44 (0) 161 624 0333


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Bulk Bag and Manual Dump Weigh Batch System
This combination bulk bag and manual dump batching system weighs bulk materials that are discharged from bulk bags and/or manually dumped from sacks, boxes, and other containers, and empties the batch into mobile storage bins. The sanitary system consists of a bulk bag unloading frame, two hoppers, and two flexible screw conveyors that feed a central gain-in-weight hopper under automated control.  Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426

110832.tifQuick Cleaning Center-Flow Bullet Magnet
The Center-Flow bullet magnet reduces the pressure drop through the housing and can be cleaned in seconds. The new design maintains a 15 psi rating for all types of dilute-phase pneumatic or gravity-flow conveying lines. It also features a one-piece gasket that improves sealing along the production line. This eliminates leaking that other models can experience. These magnets are engineered to remove ferrous fines as well as larger pieces of tramp iron from dry particulates. To achieve optimum contact with the product flow, a bullet-shaped magnet is suspended in the centerline of the housing. This tapered, exposed-pole cartridge has a stainless steel “nose cone” to direct the flow of material around the magnet. The exposed poles provide superior holding force. Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KS 800-835-2526

110829.tifWireless Monitoring  and Control Nodes 
DX99 FlexPower intrinsically safe wireless communication nodes are certified for worldwide use in explosive gas or dust atmospheres. The nodes interface with many sensors and other monitoring and control devices and are available with a wide range of I/O options. The nodes expand the capability of the company’s SureCross wireless solutions to hazardous applications in numerous industries including coal, mining, oil & gas, grain handling, power generation, cement, metalworking, fiber, powder, and plastics. The remote nodes gather data and/or transmit control commands between the sensors or other devices and a central Gateway. Up to 56 nodes can be connected to one Gateway. The Gateway maps inputs from the remote nodes and interfaces with a PLC or HMI via RS-485 modbus or Ethernet/IP. Gateway units are available in non-hazardous configuration and in explosion-proof housings. Banner Engineering, Belgium BVBA + 32 (0) 2 456 07 80

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