SOCMA Releases Statement on 2010 Congressional Elections

November 3, 2010

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SOCMA Releases Statement on 2010 Congressional Elections

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) issued the following statement in reaction to the 2010 Congressional midterm elections.

“Like 2008, Americans this year sent Washington a message about change. The next Congress, despite being divided, must govern with steadfast attention to doing what it can to improve the nation’s high unemployment rate and make manufacturing a priority again.

“The chemical industry is one of the most regulated industries in manufacturing and is also one of the safest in which to work. Our industry is also among the largest exporters of US manufactured goods. Many SOCMA members are small businesses, which are most negatively impacted by the high cost of environmental and other regulation.

“In order for America to succeed, greater effort must be made to include working with small and large manufacturers alike and other stakeholders to reduce or remove regulatory burdens that impose barriers to chemical manufacturing and job growth in our industry.

“These burdens are real and they cripple our members’ ability to remain competitive. Tax cuts, while helpful, are short-term solutions when we also need a long-term strategy that includes regulatory reform. We don’t want our future to be one in which products continue to be innovated here in the U.S. only to have the high cost of regulation force production overseas. There are better alternatives to ensure jobs remain here in the U.S.

“SOCMA is prepared to play a helpful role in educating new members of Congress about the important role the batch, custom and specialty chemical industry plays in supporting our economy and everyday living.”

To ensure Congress hears our concerns about regulatory reform, SOCMA will be stepping up its member grassroots efforts in the 112th Congress. Next month, SOCMA will announce a new initiative under its SOCMA CONNECT program that details how this will be accomplished.

SOCMA is the only U.S.-based trade association dedicated solely to the batch, custom, and specialty chemical industry. Since 1921, it has, represented a diverse membership of small, medium and large chemical companies, making it the leading authority on this sector. SOCMA has a global membership of more than 200 companies. In the U.S., members employ more than 100,000 workers across the country and produce 50,000 products valued at $60 billion annually. For more information, visit

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