Shear Strength Tester

March 31, 2010

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Shear Strength Tester

pb04805MaterialFlow.jpgIn its final stages of development, the SSSpinTester uses the science of centrifugal force to measure the unconfined yield strength of fine powders using a sample as small as 0.05 g. Current methods of measuring the strength of a powdered material require at least one liter of sample – usually hard to come by in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. New technology extends the testing range down to 0.2 KPA, which will allow direct measurement for arching. Other strength testers can only go as low as 1.0 KPA and so arching data must be extrapolated (a method which is inherently inaccurate). If you can generate sufficient sample to run a particle size analysis, then you've got a sample of sufficient quantity to measure strength with the SSSpinTester. Able to quantify the strength of fine powders in as little as 15 minutes, this tester takes its user to the cutting-edge of productivity. Its 14x16-in. footprint makes it easy to accommodate in any testing laboratory. It will arrive at your facility, complete with bonus testing cells, a preprogrammed laptop, and instruction manual with demonstration video on CD.
Material Flow Solutions Inc., Gainesville, FL 352-303-9123

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