Netzsch Expands Product Line with Premier Mill Grinding and Mixing Equipment

September 16, 2010

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Netzsch Expands Product Line with Premier Mill Grinding and Mixing Equipment

Following its recent acquisition of Premier Mill, Netzsch Premier Technologies LLC has incorporated four pieces of processing equipment to its portfolio — the PCM Colloid Mill, Submersible Basket Mill, Vertical Max-Shear Rotor/Stator Mixer, and a Lab Dispersator. Ideal for processing coatings, inks, pigments, pharmaceuticals, food, ceramics, agrochemicals, and minerals, these former Premier Mill products enable Netzsch to offer a broader range of grinding, dispersing, mixing, and de-aerating solutions.

The PCM Colloid Mill disperses and emulsifies by hydraulic shear, bringing to bear a large amount of energy on a small portion of material in the form of a thin film. It reduces particles to their ultimate crystal size by breaking up the agglomerates into which they form.

The PSM Submersible Basket Mill is an efficient, versatile dispersion system ideal for a wide range of processing industries. The simplicity of the mill system allows for up to 99 percent material yields from batch to batch.

The Vertical Max-Shear Rotor/Stator Mixer (VMS) features a precision high-speed rotor, offering a powerful combination of mechanical and hydraulic shear with shorter mixing cycles. It is ideal for certain processes that require high shearing action, such as emulsification or dispersing pigments and other solid particulate into a liquid medium.

The Model 50 Laboratory Dispersator produces repeatable dispersions through faster mixing action and improved motor performance. This high-performance, high-speed unit ensures constant mixing speed regardless of product weight, viscosity, or other variables.

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