NEMA AC Motors Offer Power-Dense Design

April 3, 2020

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NEMA AC Motors Offer Power-Dense Design
ABB's Above NEMA NXR 7100 motor

ABB's Above NEMA (ANEMA) NXR 7100 motors offer more HP per pound than conventional TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motors but with a smaller frame size in some power ratings. This helps save space--up to 8 in. in overall length in some cases--which enables more compact installations for industrial applications. The NXR 7100 is Class I Div 2 capable, making it ideal for hazardous area locations.

The new NXR motors also offer improved cooling, a critical factor to extend the life of the motor. An internal cooling loop circulates air inside the motor, moving heat from the rotor to the frame, where an external fan blows air over the frame to remove the heat.

"The new cooling configuration offers a more thermally equalized motor, eliminating hot spots that have been seen in TEFC motors," said Charles Blankenship, large AC motor product manager, ABB. "Better cooling reduces the thermal stresses on the insulation system, which helps improve the motor's longevity."

As the main terminal box and auxiliary box can be mounted in several positions, installation and maintenance are easy. This also means fewer spares are needed, which saves money. The rigid frame increases stability so that the motor can meet NEMA vibration requirements.

NXR 7100 motors extend the power range of the existing NXR 5000 and NXR 5800 up to 1750 hp, while offering the same features. These motors are available with up to an IP56 rating, for protection against contaminates and dust ingress.

ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc., Fort Smith, AR 479-646-4711

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