Miller Named CEO of Carbonics

June 25, 2009

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Miller Named CEO of Carbonics

The board of directors of Carbonics Capital Corp. has appointed Paul T. Miller, Ph.D. to the position of president and chief executive officer.

Prior to his acceptance of the position, Miller was the founder and president of Sustainable Systems, an oilseed processing facility specializing in the production of high oleic vegetable oils for food applications. Dr. Miller has a hands-on understanding of the challenges faced by early stage development projects and companies including diverse experience in finance, sales, marketing, product development, and operations. Miller earned a B.S. in chemistry from Radford University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Montana.

“Carbonics will focus on technological development and services that decarbonizes and increases efficiency within industry and commerce,” said Miller. “Our plan to build shareholder value involves the development and use of technologies that decrease carbon and energy intensity coupled with the monetization of those reductions to help drive our growth.”

Carbonics’ first project involves its planned acquisition of the Sustainable Systems oilseed crush facility in Culbertson, Montana from GreenShift Corp., and the restructuring and repositioning of that facility as a strategic location for the processing of carbon-neutral second generation feedstocks for biofuel applications. In addition, Carbonics intends to invest in the development of technology to manufacture carbon-negative third-generation feedstocks for biofuel and specialty chemical applications.

“I am energized by Carbonics’ technology, services, business development, and overall growth opportunities,” said Miller. “It remains extremely important that the private sector continue to develop and invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean technology that has diverse applications across industry and commerce. We are collectively, as a society, facing unprecedented challenges in the form of resource scarcity and global climate change. We believe that development of second- and third-generation feedstocks that help to streamline the flow of carbon through, out, and back into commerce presents a compelling opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the resolution of these challenges.”

Carbonics Capital Corp. was founded to facilitate decarbonization in ways that cost-effectively capitalize on the evolving carbon markets.

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