Kneeling Screw Conveyor 1742

April 5, 2011

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Kneeling Screw Conveyor

pb14705VacUMax.jpgThe Aero-Flex kneeling screw conveyor provides an ergonomic method of metering product and conveying powders efficiently. The kneeling frame system is designed for easy cleaning and removal of the auger, and designed to fit into tight spaces and through low doorways. Lowering and raising takes only 15 seconds. The auger is removed using a quick-release coupling for ease of cleaning. Lift up tube doors enable complete cleanout and wash down with interlocking safety switches. The bag break/safety grate on the dump hopper keeps foreign materials from the material. Downtime is all but eliminated by using a heavy-duty auger that will not unravel during downtime. This conveyor is ideal for the food industry where cleaning requirements are a necessity. Available in a range of sizes, the conveyor transfers powder up to 40 ft and at rates to 10 tn/hr for materials having a bulk density of 40 lb/cu ft.
Vac-U-Max Inc., Belleville, NJ 800-822-8629

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