October 11, 2011

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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger with Corrosion-Resistant Housing
Teflon coating is now available on the housings of these liquid-cooled and air-cooled heat exchangers. Teflon resists the corrosive characteristics of many chemicals common in processing applications, and it can be an economical alternative to constructing housings from stainless steel or exotic metals. The coating is easy to clean and offered in a variety of colors. The unit pictured is being used to cool the airflow in a closed-loop processing application. The airflow is cooled by methanol that flows through a copper tube inside the housing. Tubes are expanded into multiple fin plates to increase the heat-transfer surface. The core can be removed for inspection or cleaning without disconnecting the airline. The design was pressure tested at 75 psig. Xchanger, Hopkins, MN 952-933-2559 www.xchanger.com

Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration System
The patented Vector Series Model VB10C thermal fluid filtration system filters contaminants down to 10 microns for enhanced plant efficiency and longer component life. Easy to integrate within any new or existing facility, it continuously filters contaminants on a side stream basis. This keeps fluids clean for higher heat transfer and plant efficiency, longer fluid life, and minimum maintenance downtime. System flow and pressure available from the plant process is used to re-circulate hot oil or thermal fluid from the pump discharge through the filter. Clean fluid is then returned to the suction side of the pump. Liquid Process Systems Inc., Indian Trail, NC 888-786-1101 www.lps-filtration.com

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