Eriez Announces Lift Magnet Certification and Refurbishment Program

February 23, 2010

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Eriez Announces Lift Magnet Certification and Refurbishment Program

Eriez 5-Star Service now offers a Lift Magnet Certification and Refurbishment Program. “If you need new magnets, need to have your current magnets repaired, certified, or completely rebuilt, Eriez has a solution for you,” says Dave Hansen, Eriez’ customer service manager. “Eriez’ lift magnets are built in compliance with ASME B30.20 standards. Through our Inspection Program, we check your magnets to ensure they remain in compliance.”
    Eriez’ procedure includes inspection of lift magnet surface and resurfacing of poles (if needed), inspection of all other parts, replacement of any missing parts, repair/replacement of all damaged parts, replacement of warning labels and capacity markings, and load testing and certification.
    Every magnet repaired by Eriez is returned with a “Certificate of Compliance” guaranteeing the repairs and the load test of the serviced magnet comply with ASME B30.20. Eriez Certified repairs come with a one year “As New” Warranty. Plus, customers can receive 20 percent off their first certification.     Eriez’ Magnet Exchange Program is an ideal solution for customers who need to get a magnet back in place quickly when their lifting magnet needs repair. Customers may be able to get a pre-certified, refurbished SafeHold lift magnet from Eriez’ stock shipped to them within 24 hours of Eriez receiving their magnet for repair.
    To meet the criteria for the exchange program, the customer’s magnet must pass Eriez’ two-point inspection. If the load test is within specifications and the rotor is intact and operational, it may qualify. Exchange magnets—-which are the same make and model of the returned magnet--ship with a “Certificate of Compliance” and include a one year “As New” Warranty.
    If a customer’s SafeHold lift magnet is not eligible for the exchange program, Eriez will refurbish it to “As New” condition and ship it back to the customer within three to five days. The refurbished magnet ships with a “Certificate of Compliance” and includes a one year “As New” Warranty.
    In cases in which inspection of a magnet at Eriez indicates internal magnet damage, customers are contacted with a quote and lead time on internal magnet repairs or a new magnet. Most new magnets are available from stock.
    Through the EriezXpress Program, Eriez offers a wide array of lift magnets for next-day delivery. Upon credit approval, orders received for select lift magnets by 4:00 p.m. EST will be processed and shipped the next business day.
    “When you need it now, EriezXpress is the solution,” said Dave Heubel, Eriez’ national sales manager.
    For more information on Eriez’ 5-Star Lift Magnet Certification and Refurbishment Program, visit

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