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February 25, 2010

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u404_82970.jpgConveyor Belt Cleaner and Tensioning System

The Skalper IV blade and E-Z Torque tensioning system is new and improved. The enhanced Skalper series of conveyor belt precleaners have been installed and solved carry-back problems worldwide. The simple and effective Skalper belt cleaner with E-Z Torque Tensioner efficiently removes carry-back. The improved heavy-duty blade design, with its unique horizontal sipes and wear grooves across the entire width of the blade cleaning edge, and arc-shaped back side of the blade, ensure a sharp cleaning edge throughout the life of the blade. The self-adjusting tensioner, which includes a lifetime warranty, has redesigned brackets to provide a square bolt pattern with UHMW bushings on both sides for a smooth, non-banding, trouble-free operation. The Skalper IV is easily maintained from one side of the conveyor. A stainless-steel pin blade changeout system is a one-minute, no-tool operation that makes changing blades quick and easy.
ASGCO, Allentown, PA  www.asgco.com

u405_82971.jpgMobile Screen-Changing System

The Mobile QuickChange screen-changing system reduces screen changing to a one-man operation, greatly reducing the necessary labor and eliminating the need to involve maintenance crews. The Mobile QC has all of the advantages of the company’s other QuickChange systems with the added benefit of being mobile. This time-saving device is particularly beneficial to any plant with multiple round separator machines. After removing the clamp band of the targeted deck, the Mobile QC is maneuvered into position next to the separator. The clamping devices are locked onto the frame brackets and, using the hand-operated pump, the frames are lifted for easy screen removal. Once the screen is changed and the frame stack replaced, you can move onto the next machine for another simple screen change. Sweco, Florence, 859-371-4360 KY www.sweco.com

u406_82972.jpgSmartphone Bulk Material Controlled Loading System

This mobile system allows bulk material operators to use an Apple iPhone/iPod Touch to monitor and control the loading process. LoadOut is engineered to meet the demanding requirements across a variety of industry sectors including mines, quarries, fertilizer plants, bio-solids, steel, trash, concrete, grain terminals, and asphalt. The system was developed to improve safety and efficiency at material handling facilities. Focus has been placed on sites that require one or more employees to control loading equipment at outbound commodity facilities. This also applies to locations where the truck driver is expected to perform the process alone. Adverse weather, loud noises, harmful dust particles, and moving parts from motors are all inevitable realities within the industrial environment. LoadOut is simple for people to use, yet can be integrated into the most complex bulk material handling facilities. When the operator arrives at the loading site he just turns the system on, opens the app, and visually monitors and controls the process from their phone.
LoadOut Technologies LLC, Camden, IN 765-412-3867 www.loadouttechnologies.com

u407_82973.jpgStainless-Steel Holding Tanks

Yargus Manufacturing has announced the addition of dry, free-flowing stainless-steel holding tanks to its Layco product line. The company can supply any dry material (powder and granule) stainless-steel holding tanks, including those for edible grains and food industry storage. Standard capacities include 30, 36, 50, 100, 150, 170, and 200 tons, but the company can supply custom needs in any size from 10- to 200-ton capacity.
Yargus Manufacturing Inc., Marshall, 217-826-6352 IL  www.yargus.com

u408_82974.jpgCustom Bulk Containers

Universal Package Systems has expanded its bulk container and tote cut and weld capabilities, and now offers a wide variety of custom containers based entirely on customer demands. By customizing the size of the container specifically for the application, the customer is able to maximize the use of all cubic storage area and effectively reduce storage and shipping costs. Standard size plastic bulk bins are used to build new containers with widths ranging from 12 to 48 in., and to virtually any length or height. Unlike off-the-shelf containers, these can incorporate drop doors, open walls, and solid walls on any or all sides of the containers, in any combination.
Universal Package Systems, Dale, IN 866-875-9918  www.universalpackage.com


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