Drawer Magnet 1770

April 25, 2011

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Drawer Magnet

pb0o706Puritan.jpgEngineered to remove medium and fine ferrous contaminants from dry, free-flowing products under gravity flow, this drawer magnet protects processing machinery and improves product purity. Multiple staggered rows provide maximum contact area for product flow. As product flows through the stainless steel housing, it cascades over the staggered rows of magnetic tubes. Ferrous contaminants are pulled to the surface of the magnets where they move to the underside of the tube to prevent wash-off. EZ-Clean and POW-R Clean options are available to simplify cleaning. Custom designs and engineering assistance are also available for more difficult applications.
Puritan Magnetics Inc., Oxford, MI 248-628-3808 www.puritanmagnetics.com

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