Digital Floor Scale with Powercell Technology

June 5, 2018

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Digital Floor Scale with Powercell Technology
Mettler Toledo PowerDeck with chemical bins

Traditionally known for their reliability issues, floor scale junction boxes can be a major source of headaches for staff throughout an industrial facility. Analog load cells, cables, and junction boxes are prone to issues that can lead to weighing errors and disruptions in the production schedule. Mettler Toledo PowerDeck eliminate these traditional floor scale pain points.

By implementing Powercell digital technology, PowerDeck can address four key areas of improvement over traditional analog floor scales, including:

* Real-Time Operator Guidance—detecting and alerting operators when product is improperly loaded, guiding users to optimal load placement. This feature helps to avoid uneven filling, spills, inaccurate weighments, and bad batches.

* Durable Platform that Holds its Accuracy—no longer must you move from scale to scale depending on batch size and needed accuracy. Weigh multiple batch sizes on a single platform with PowerDeck, and calibrate only when needed.

* Reduced Cost to Maintain—by removing the junction box and creating a system that is fully water proof, maintenance costs for break-fixes are drastically reduced.

* Visibility in to Scale Health through Advanced Diagnostics—real-time alerts for environmental hazards such as debris, shock-loading, and temperature fluctuation allow users increased visibility to scale health–ensuring accurate and reliable weighing.

PowerDeck is designed to handle the harshest industrial production facility conditions while reducing maintenance cost, increasing productivity, and maximizing yield. The benefits can be seen throughout all areas of operation.

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