Cremer Introduces Seed Counting Equipment

CSC Series offers fast, 100% accurate counting and dispensing solution for crop and vegetable seeds of all sizes.


December 21, 2023

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Cremer introduces the CSC Series of modular seed counting and dispensing machines. Image couretsy of Cremer

Cremer introduces its CSC Series, a line of next-generation, modular seed counting and dispensing machines.

Drawing on more than 70 years of experience in the agricultural industry, the CSC Series offers a fast and reliable counting solution for crop and vegetable seeds of all sizes.

Counting seeds and various other products by piece is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to modern weighing systems, as counting accuracy is not affected by small weight variations between individual pieces. Optical counting – as opposed to weight-centric quality control – guarantees that the net contents in terms of count is 100% accurate for both wholesale and retail packages. Optical counting also prevents product loss, avoids product wastage, and maximizes production efficiency.

The compact and modular design of the CSC series makes it easily scalable for varying production levels. Up to three counting modules can be stacked next to each other with no significant increase in the required floor space. The CSC series is capable of counting and processing up to 37,500 seeds per minute with 100% accuracy when equipped with three modules. With a single module, the system achieves minimum counting speeds of 12,500 seeds per minute.

The 20-channel CSC series counter has a streamlined design with no dedicated product or format parts, allowing for easy changeover, cleaning, and low maintenance, eliminating the need for periodic calibration, and reducing the risk of product contamination. Within the complete packaging system, there is no possibility of product spillage. The CSC series features a GMP-compliant design.

The CSC series has been developed specifically for high-speed dispensing of the seed counts into any third-party pouch filling or packaging machine. With its movable platform, the counter can be easily positioned above most industrial bag and pouch makers. Fully customized CSC series counters are also available to meet unique requirements or configurations.

The CSC series includes several smart control features to ensure accuracy including data entry with complete MES (manufacturing execution system) integration, as well as vision systems and bar code scanners to thoroughly inspect bags for correct lot numbers and seed types.

Other features of the CSC series include a sampling station for consistent quality control, a vacuum conveyor for dust-free and loss-free seed transport, and a rotary filling nozzle for spill-free seed dispensing into bagging machine and sampling station.

“Counting and dispensing a precise number of seeds into a pouch with speed and accuracy can present considerable challenges,” said Walter Hermans, Cremer’s agricultural business manager. “At Cremer, we addressed all of these obstacles in the development of the CSC series, making it an indispensable system that effectively meets the evolving demands of seed producers and agricultural professionals, including major players like Bayer/Monsanto.”

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