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Continuous Weighing

August 14, 2018

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Continuous Weighing
Adding weighing to a closed-loop controller

Whether you are running product through screens, classifiers, separators, size reducers, driers, mixers, etc., you want to bring your feed rates speeds up to match the machine capacity. This can be done using continuous weighing devices to let you know your rate and how much more you can increase the rate. This rate can be controlled manually or automatically now that you know the rate being delivered.

Depending on the circumstances, the scales may be placed before or after the process equipment. If you feed a screen, you may be measuring all the outputs with separate scales. In the scale pictured, the frac sand screen production rate is optimized at 30 tn/hr. The feed supply is feeding four screens and it is difficult to maintain the rates for maximum capacity without knowing what is passing through the machines. Continuous weighing is part of the answer. Adjust the speed brings this closed loop control full circle.

A better answer than just weighing is adding weighing to a closed-loop controller. In the situation just mentioned, from one source, two screens were being gravity fed through slide gates and the two other screens fed the excess to augers. Customer can automate by placing actuators on the slide gates and VFDs on the augers. 

Plants and plant operation cost the owners millions of dollars for a plant running at partial capacity. Motors run more efficiently the closer they get to full load. For pennies on the dollar, this problem can be resolved.

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