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September 10, 2010

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CfPA to Present Powders: Their Properties and Processing

The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) will present a training course entitled, “Powders: Their Properties and Processing”, October 18-20, 2010 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The course is designed primarily for those concerned with products developed or manufactured from powdered solids in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and related industries. Most of the material, however, will be general enough to prove valuable to a much wider range of interests including, but not limited to, scientists, suppliers, and technologists.

The primary purpose of this course is to review the various properties of powdered solids pertinent to the development and manufacture of the products of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and allied industries. In particular, the latest experimental techniques and equipment for evaluating important properties of powders will be discussed and related to both the underlying principles and common industrial problems. The different powder processing operations will be discussed and the range of equipment and machinery for each will be critically reviewed.

Each topic will be briefly introduced at a fairly fundamental level, but will then be extended to cover more sophisticated and innovative techniques, emphasizing the practical usefulness whenever relevant. The formal sessions will be supplemented by informal discussion periods. You will be encouraged to raise specific problems.

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