February 11, 2019

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Ceramic-Coated Elbow
SilverBack elbow

The ceramic-coated “SilverBack” elbow is used in many applications, including gravity feed. In this case, the bottom of the exterior side of normally straight pipe is coated, in which abrasive material is flowing down. There are also instances where the entire surface around the pipe or tube is coated because of turbulence inside the fitting. The ceramic can also be applied on the inside of surfaces. A screen is tack-welded to the surface to hold the ceramic in place, for instance on the inside slope of a cyclone. 

There are two options when purchasing the SilverBack elbow or other change of direction fittings: you can send the company the steel elbow to coat, or, the entire ceramic bend can be purchased from the company. SilverBack does the same with non-elbow fittings: you can send in the part or have it fabricated and then apply the ceramic coating. 

SilverBack Products, Franklin, KS 620-347-8514 www.silverbackproducts.net

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